by Payton Diana Allen

Hey, babe!

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Welcome to Public Display of Accessories! I’m Payton and I am so glad that you stumbled onto my place of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and community. I have always had a passion for style and fashion that I wanted to share with everyone around me. As a Copywriter, the best way to combine my professional writing skills and my love for style was to create a lifestyle blog. I wanted to show my loved ones and girls everywhere that your wardrobe only enhances the beautiful person you already are. On my website you’ll find lots of saves and a few splurges, some serious post-grad probs and lots of messy mistakes. You’ll find a girl a lot like you, or like your best friend, just trying to be transparent and real on the internet. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s embarrassing, but it’s always a blast! I hope you’ll think so too!


  1. What do you do?

    I am a Copywriter at a marketing firm in GVL, SC.

  2. How can I shop your outfits?

    You can click the “shop” tab on my website or shop via Like to Know It on Instagram OR through the links in my blog posts. You can always send me a DM if you can’t find what you are looking for!

  3. What are your favorite curly hair products?

    Search “Hair” in the search bar and you will find several posts on this topic. You can also find links to all the products I use under the “faves” tab. I love Deva Curl!

  4. Why did you start a blog?

    With a husband in med school, we are on a tight budget. but i love to shop and stay trendy. I was having trouble finding a blog to follow that shared affordable, normal, attainable things! So i decided to create it. It worked out well, since i am a writer by trade and i love fashion! It has been a blast ever since.

  5. Why is it called Public Display of Accessories?

    My initials before I got married were PDA. I always thought it was a funny combo considering it means Public Display of Affection - aka smooching in public! I wanted to incorporate my name or initials into my blog and since I was planning to share clothes and accessories, Public Display of Accessories, or PDA for short, was a great fit!

  6. Where you you from?

    I am from Starkville, MS. I went to Mississippi State University. I then moved to Nashville, TN where I worked at a PR firm downtown. My hubs got into medical school in Spartanburg, SC so we moved to the Upstate!

  7. What makeup do you use?

    I am all about safer cosmetics with good ingredients, so everything in my makeup bag is by Beautycounter.