I'll Vouch For Velvet

If being an adult means giving up shopping in the Juniors section at Target, then call me Peter Pan because I promise you I will NEVER grow up.

It all started when I was just harmlessly grocery shopping at Target. Then I spied this pretty little number on a corner rack in the Juniors. I slid it on and realized why everyone and their mom wears crushed velvet these days- it's soft, comfortable and versatile. This tee happens to come in a dress version too, which I also own and wear on the reg.

Can we talk about the fact that this is a T-SHIRT that is acceptable to wear out?? I mean, say no more. I decided to put back my chips, salsa and guac and purchase this t-shirt instead. At only $20, I would say it was a fair trade and definitely worth it. It has a raw hem that gives it a fun, edgy look and i'll never get sick of it. 

Here is a really similar $20 velvet shift dress that comes in 3 different colors.

If you want to try a funky, dressier velvet top, check this one out!

Side note: I have a deep, sickening obsession with Jessie James Decker. (To be more specific, I have a screenshot of her legs on my phone that I stare at before I do squats at the gym. Girl got the best booty in the game.) Anyways, these are her DIFF frames and I LOVE them. DIFF is a charitable brand of sunglasses that donates a pair of reading glasses to children in need with each purchase. If you want to help sweet people who can't help themselves AND get one step closer to being JJD, get these frames here.

So, there are 3 morals to this story.

1. Shopping for groceries at Target can be dangerous. Did I mention I didn't come out with any food?

2. I'm gonna stick to grocery shopping at Trader Joe's because that's where JJD goes ;)

3. I'll vouch for velvet any day.