Tame the Mane

I've got frizz, yes I do, I've got frizz and I bet you've got it too.

So, this curly hair thing seems all easy and stuff, right? It is. It's pretty chill on most days. I can get away with it being kinda messy and just blame it on the fact that, "I have curly hair". But when the frizz kicks in and all my products fail me, a trusty ball cap is my right-hand. 

I would just like to say, hats off to whoever decided that caps could be dressed up. And to the first person who made suede ball caps *all the praise hands*!! You don't have to have curly hair to appreciate the art of a good hat. Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, or even if you don't have any hair- a cool cap can save you from yourself on those early mornings where you accidentally sleep late... #adulting.

This cap comes in several colors and she's only $7 (GASP). Yes, $7 from H&M. I've worn this gem with cozy sweaters, a pony tail and leggings. She has also been accompanied by leather jackets, distressed jeans and moto boots. (Get you a hat that can do both.) You can shop this killer cap here and here.

Did I mention my black basic boyfriend tee is an Old Navy classic? I own it in 8 colors...no I am not kidding. You can shop all the colors here. Pro tip: Size wayyyy up (You should say that in Big Sean's voice to enhance your reading experience. Okay sorry, continue.) I like mine to be oversized and long so that it drapes across my shoulders, so I get a large. If you want to wear it tucked in, then stick with your regular size.

So back to my hat obsession...I am dropping some links below for a couple different styles in case suede isn't your thing!

A denim cap, iridescent cap, or a velvet cap are all unique enough to dress up or down. I personally want to buy all of these- which may be possible because of the insanely good prices. Check them out and share any #hairhacks that you may have. Let's help each other tame our (sometimes) crazy manes!