Payton Reed

Denim on a Dime

Payton Reed
Denim on a Dime

Denim on a Dime

Over the years we have seen many things come and go. Take a stroll down memory lane with me, will you? Us 90's kids have lived through the days of...

  • Gaucho pants
  • Slap bracelets 
  • Jelly shoes
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Butterly clips
  • Mood rings

I can think of ONE thing that I wore everyday in my early childhood, preteen, high school and college years that I still wear today. What is the one thing that will never go out of style? DENIM.

Because a good pair of jeans or a jean jacket can stand the test of time, I think it is important that we talk about where to find good denim on PDA.


Let's be real here. Jeans can be an investment. How can we crack the code? Which jeans are worth it and what brands make quality jeans that we can afford without selling an organ? I am going to give you my thoughts on the issue, and if you have suggestions of jeans that you love, I would be pumped to hear them!

Let me start by saying, I have cried in the dressing room many times while jean shopping. I would honestly rather wear sweatpants every where than shop for jeans...but since some things are unavoidable, I hope this guide will keep you smiling while you shop!

Favorite Save Denim (under $50):

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

High Rise Distressed Rockstar Jeans

H&M Shaping Jeans

Levi's Jeggings

Dollhouse Long Ripped Denim Jacket

Old Navy Denim Jacket (the one I am wearing!)

Express Distressed Skinny Jeans

Flying Monkey Ripped Skinny Jeans (barely over $50 but worth a few extra $$)

Favorite Splurge Denim (under $200)

Paige Denim Verdugo

Hudson Nico Ankle Skinnies

Let's face it, blue jean baby! You are going to wear these every single week multiple times a week, so finding the right pair is crucial. Which pair makes you feel comfy and cozy? Let me know because jean shopping is a game and we are all on the same team!