Payton Reed

Skulls and Scarves

Payton Reed
Skulls and Scarves

Anything that can dress up a t-shirt is worth an entire post.

When we are trying to #adult, we are doing pretty dang good if we wash our hair and eat three meals a day. Wearing something elaborate and fancy all the time just isn't in the cards for me. If you are able to be flawlessly accessorized at all times then PLEASE, let me know your secrets. But, for the rest of us- there are scarves, hats and vests to dress up our lazy tee-shirt style. The scarf that inspired this post is Alexander McQueen but since my current entry-level job does not allow for $300 scarf purchases, I have rounded up the cheapest (under $10) and cutest dupes for you! 


This scarf is my favorite bc 1. skulls and 2. It makes it look like I tried harder than I did on my outfit *clap emoji*

Sadly, this one came from a (probably illegal) street vendor in NYC! But I am linking some super affordable skull scarves (hint: one is from AMAZON PRIME and you can have it on your doorstep by Halloween!) below for you to shop away. I might just have to buy another, someone stop me please. 

Amazon Skull Scarf

White Etsy Skull Scarf

I am sure that some of you wouldn't wear skulls if your life depended on it, so for my gals who are more on the soft side of edgy, I am linking some sassy, sweeter options for you to add to your scarf collection.

Maybe try this black and white Cheetah Scarf from Target to edge up a colored tee.

Or to really dress up an outfit, this Embroidered Sequin Scarf from Charming Charlie's would be so cute with a tucked in tee, mini skirt and OTK boots.

You may be thinking, "Will I even wear a scarf that much?!" and to answer that question I am turning it over to another blogger, Stephanie Gerber, and her post on "Thirteen Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf" You should definitely check this out to see why a $10 scarf is totally worth the investment.


I am sure that you 5'9+ women could rock this skirt much better than I can, but I love a good velvet mini. This one is from the Impeccable Pig (shoutout to my piggies- I miss working with you girls!) but since it is no longer on their online shop, here is a similar option from Urban!

These booties have become a recent favorite and, I think, look so much more expensive than they are! The suede bow is reminiscent of some recent Rebecca Minkoff booties that retail at $195, while these precious ones are just $35! You can shop them here.

If you need me, i'll be over here learning how to tie my scarf 13 different ways and eating snacks while online shopping with the $300+ dollars I saved by purchasing these killer dupes!