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Guys Gift Guide

Payton Reedgifts
Guys Gift Guide

This one's for your man.

Let's face it. Shopping for guys can be hard. Either they already have it or they don't think they need it. Girls are pretty easy: we want jewelry or clothes. Did you hear that Hunt? ;) 

Boys on the other hand..they like sports related items, technology, hunting gear, clothes, shoes, the list goes on and on. How will we ever know what to get them for Christmas? I have a few ideas to make your shopping a lot easier and your man a lot happier. Whether you are shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, fiancé, husband or best friend, these items will not disappoint! 

Jord Wooden Watches


Now this...this is a guys gift I can get behind. PEOPLE. Have you ever seen a cooler watch? Jord Wooden Watches are the perfect combination of rugged and sleek. I love how this one has a touch of rose gold while still being masculine. I gave it to Hunt, he put it on and said, "I feel hipper already." If we are being honest, I really considered just wrapping it back up and giving it to myself for Christmas because LOOK AT IT. (Good thing they do have a line for women that you can shop here.) It looked really good and chunky on my wrist, so he is lucky that I gave it up. I think my favorite part is how pretty the packaging is. The box is a present in itself. I would just put a bow on this bad boy and call it a day. One less thing for you to have to wrap! It would be a crime to cover this pretty wood.


If you love this watch in particular, you can find it here. JORD has so many colors and styles. I love that this one was neutral enough to match everything but is still different enough to make a statement. Hunt returns everything, but he instantly put this on and hasn't taken it off since. He says that it is light and doesn't even feel like it's there. I guess I owed him a good present since he gave me a shiny diamond ring ;) 

You can shop all Jord watches for men here.

Boots For Your Boo


These are quite obviously a favorite of his, given the worn look (mud not included!)

These are a pair of boots that I gave Hunt last Christmas. He wears these Frye boots almost every day, so they are well worth the investment. The best thing about a good pair of leather shoes is that the more you wear them, the better they look, which is a plus because we all know our boys stomp in every puddle of mud they can...and then track it in the house *rolls eyes*

I found them half price at Belk, SCORE. I had to get them. You are in luck because the black pair is 50% off! 


If you want the look for less, here are a few other great leather boot options for your guy:

Brown Leather Combat Boot

Vans Desert Chukka

Cole Haan Chukka Boot (these are 2-tone and also come in wide)

Fun Flannels


The first two gifts we chatted about are $100+. I definitely don't spend that much on Hunt every time we exchange gifts. When we decide to do smaller presents, I love to throw in a flannel or a vest because I know he will wear them and they are SO budget friendly. This particular one came from Goodwill for $5 and would be a perfect stocking stuffer. If you want to give your guy something a little smaller, here are some great options that won't bust your bank.

The Normal Brand Flannel

L.L. Bean Button Up Shirt (comes in regular and tall for your sky scraping boys)

Weatherproof Vintage Vest (comes in 5 colors)

Guys love Ties


Good girls don't let their friends or boyfriends wear ties that look like they belonged to someone's granddad. If you haven't gotten the memo, skinny ties are in style and +2 points if they're patterned. Let's dress our men in something fun that makes them stand out from the crowd!


I adore DAZI ties. These two patterns have been pre-approved for your man by Hunt and by my fratty, fashion-forward (don't tell him that I complimented his taste) little brother, Wyatt. They come in TONS of patterns and at only $28, I think this would be an awesome present.

If your guy is not one to step out of the box and wear florals, I definitely get that. Being from MS, there are lots of camo-loving friends of mine who wouldn't go for a floral tie. Since I have moved to Nashville, I see a lot more daring mens style and I love it. But for those more picky men, DAZI just launched a colorful sock line. They're nice and thick, which makes them great to wear with dressy mens shoes that sometimes leave blisters. 

Use the code SAVE25 to get 4 ties for the price of one. Sounds like an easy way to check all the men in your life off your list!


Sunnies for your Hunnies


If you want to give your guy something that he will wear consistently, a great pair of sunglasses will brighten his day (pun intended).

I am a sunglasses junkie and I have a lot of favorite brands so I will link a few for you to browse. Shopping for sunglasses for someone else can be a challenge, so try to make sure that you know a general frame shape that he prefers before you splurge on a nice pair. Peep the links below!

This is the pair Hunt is wearing- a good classic Ray-Ban aviator.

 Similar styleRay-Ban WayfarerQuay Australia Byron.

If all else fails, remember that any good guy in your life knows that YOU are the best gift of all. So spend some quality time with him (watching football gives your brownie points) and he will probably be just as happy as if you bought him a fancy present. Although, having a reason to discreetly pick out his clothes is always a good idea ;) Happy gift hunting.