Payton Reed

City Sleek Camo

Payton Reed
City Sleek Camo

My dad will be proud of me for this...

As you read this, I would like you to have the song "Mississippi Girl" by Faith Hill in your head....

Got it? Okay, you may continue now.

Maybe it is because i'm from Small Town, Mississippi, but I am loving the fact that there is camouflage in nearly every store this season. It's fun, it's edgy, it's neutral. What more do you want in a pattern? I love that I can wear a camo piece and style it with black or brown. The ways that you can rock it are endless.

I especially love this cardigan because it comes in regular AND plus sizes. If you can't pull the trigger on camo (hunting pun intended...what can I say? I've got a lil' Mississippi left in me) then it also comes in a cheetah print pattern too.

If you want to hunt for some camo you might like (I AM SORRY THE JOKES ARE TOO GOOD) then check out these links. I tried to keep the items under $100 bucks (yep I said that.)


Onzie Camo Leggings

Embroidered T-Shirt

Spanx leggings .... Speaking of Spanx, have you ever heard the story of how Sara Blakely created Spanx? It is so inspiring. It is go-getters like her that made me want to start my own blog. She is such a #girlboss!! If you like podcasts, NPR has one called How I Built This where entrepreneurs talk about successes and failures they experienced while starting their businesses. Two of my favorites are the Sara Blakely and Kendra Scott episodes. In case you are feeling discouraged, Sara Blakely's Spanx weren't selling well because of where they were placed in the stores, so she physically went into huge department stores (We are talking like Nordstrom big!) and moved her inventory herself. She displayed it by the registers, triggering (hunting pun- don't forget this post is about camo!) a sell-out of her products! She got it done no matter what it took, or if people thought she was crazy. Kendra Scott went door-to-door selling her first jewelry collection that she made from $500 and produced out of her spare bedroom. She had a dream and she wanted it badly enough to work for it. The point is, everyone starts somewhere. You just have to start.

Give the NPR podcast a listen if you need a little motivation because these girls are doing something right. Sorry for the side note, but if you listen you will understand why these podcasts are so noteworthy!

IMG_6417 (1).jpg

Now that we are out of the woods *wink emoji*, let's get back to sweaters. While I probably can't get away with wearing this one in the stands, I love it deerly (sorry, that was too easy) because it keeps me nice and cozy in my little cubicle at work.

I am all about a light pair of earrings and these Shelia Fajl ones are my new go-to pair. They come in 3 different sizes, and mine are the medium size. They also come in silver and tortoise. I linked her whole website because she has TONS of great hoops. I think these would make an awesome gift, since they have a few different price-points. 

While I don't recommend any of the camo that I linked for recreational hunting use, I do recommend it for girls looking to give a nod to their southern roots in their city-sleek wardrobes. If you have never tried adding camo to your street style, it's worth a shot. ;)