Payton Reed

Beanies for Days

Payton Reed
Beanies for Days

Beanies can be beneficial for a billion reasons. They save me from looking ratchet on disaster hair days, they keep my ears warm on chilly mornings and they are a funky accessory that will spice up any look. You can use them to add a pop of color, some texture or pattern to your outfit. Debatably the best part about a good beanie (or hat in general) is.... *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* they will always fit! After the amount of food I consumed during my Christmas break in Mississippi, my waist band is a lil snug but my beanies...those h03s are loyal.

If you are like me, I am assuming that you spent all of your extra ca$h on Christmas presents for your family and friends and prob yourself too. Since the funds are running low and so are the temps, I am rounding up my favorite affordable beanies for my PDA babes.

The CC Beanies are some of my favorites ever. Here is the one I am wearing. Almost all of them are under $20! They come in every style and color. These are next on my CC Beanie wish list...

Rust, Gray Double Pom and Black Multi.

If you like any of these, snag 'em quick because CC Beanies are known to sell out.

A few other beanies to help you bundle up...

Having a family member have cancer made me want to support Love Your Melon EVEN MORE. This company makes amazing beanies and accessories and when you purchase one, they give beanies to cancer patients who need them when they lose their hair during chemo! *buys 34837853485 beanies*

And since Target can do no wrong: Pink Chenille Pom Beanie, Cream Beanie with Sequins, and Black Heart Beanie.

And let's finish with the grand finale, a beanie UNDER $7 with studs and pearls. This BP. beanie has got to be my favorite on the list. Thanks Nordstrom Rack, you never fail us.

Here's to hoping you have a beanie as faithful as mine. While many parts of our bodies may change (due to the freshman 15, pregnancy, spring break, weddings, etc.) our beanies stay the same. Keep warm out there, babes.