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Designers & Dupes

Louis Vuitton and Friends

If you have been following along for a little bit, then you know that I ALWAYS try to give affordable and reasonable options for you to shop. Truth be told, I have expensive taste and a tight post-grad budget. There are very few things that I can truly splurge on, but when I do, I make sure that they are timeless items that I can keep in my closet or jewelry box for years to come. I am not suggesting that you spend a lot on your accessories, but I am telling you that if you do, make sure they are pieces that will stand the test of time. I have a few designer accessories that have served me well and I want to share them with you in addition to (of course!) their DUPES! Except the engagement ring, no dupe for that one ;)


Let's start with the new new (like from Santa Clause new) bracelet that I just added to my stash. The Louis Vuitton bracelet (pictured above) can be found here.

If you like the look of a thick leather bracelet but want something at a different price point, here are some adorable arm candies you should consider snagging:

Betsy Johnson Leather Skull Wrap Bracelet

Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet

Kate Spade Leather Bow Wrap Bracelet

David Yurman

I have several David Yurman pieces that I have collected over the years. It is something fun that my mom and I share together. For Christmas or birthdays we will add to our collections. We like to share and trade. It's so fun picking things out together and swapping pieces. The bracelet that I am wearing in this picture is a CLASSIC. Its debatably the most popular DY bracelet style because it matches everything! I will link it below with a few of my other DY favorites. 

David Yurman X Bracelet with Gold

Petite Wheaton Bracelet is my newest bracelet and I love it paired with the Petite Wheaton Ring with Diamonds that my dad got me for a present during a big event in college. I love wearing jewelry that has a meaning behind it. It makes me happy to look at my finger or wrist and remember a special time or achievement. My dad is super sweet and sentimental when it comes to gift giving. He got my mom a new wedding band when she beat I would say that one was well deserved. How cool to remember something like that every day when the diamonds catch your eye?! Props, Dad.

Cable Classics Cross Necklace and Cable Classics Hoop Earrings are pictured below. I love how all of the DY pieces pair so well. They are truly timeless accessories that you can wear for years to come. I am being serious when I say that, I have had my X bracelet for 8 years, my cross necklace for 5 and my hoops for 3! 


David Yurman Dupes

THESE are identical to my cable hoops and are UNDER $40!!!!

THIS bracelet is a dead ringer for the X bracelet I am wearing, the X is a little larger but I think it is super close and at just $20 you really can't beat it.

You can find a similar cross necklace HERE for $12.

While I can't guarantee that these pieces will last very long, they are great knock-offs. You could get them and try sporting them for a while. If you find that you love the way they look, saving a little money each month to buy yourself a designer piece by the end of the year wouldn't be a bad investment! After all, you deserve it girl ;)

In other news

I have been LIVING in this flannel over the past few days. It has gotten to the point where Hunt asked me if I have washed's that comfortable. You can find it here. It also comes in black and white...which I just found out while writing this *ordering now*!!! It is marked down to only $18! You can order through social shop or by calling Deep South Pout.

These leggings are Spanx and my gosh they hold it all in. They have a faux leather look but a normal legging texture, which makes them really comfortable.

Santa Clause (Heeeeey Momma) brought me these winter snow boots. They have come in handy over the past few days. Especially today since it is SIX degrees in Nashville and I am moving boxes out of my apartment! Yiiiiikes. I'm wearing these with my yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Cute, right? 


I hope you liked this episode of Designers and Dupes! Tune in next time because we will be talking about handbags. I am going to show you the absolute best designer bags and purses and then their striking duplicates. Balling on a budget can still be trendy, and i'll show you how. ;)