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Half Hour Power

Payton Reed
Half Hour Power

Half Hour Power is HERE and its. about. to. go. down.

I am NOT a fitness expert, but I am a girl like you. I want a quick, effective workout that can squeeze into my busy schedule. I taught pilates and barre, so I know how to put together a workout but again, not a pro. Maybe you don't have time to go to the gym, or maybe you aren't sure what to do when you get there, either way I gotchuuu fam! 

Half Hour Power will be a series of workouts that are just 30 minutes each. Some will be full body and others will target specific muscles groups. Every workout comes with a (roughly) 30 minute playlist to get you litttt and motivated. Each workout will be added to the bottom of this blog post, so check back here for new ones to be posted weekly. We are gonna rock these out together and take on 2018 as stronger. healthier people. I'll also be sharing some favorite workout clothes on this post and will continue to add to it as I create more Half Hour Power Workouts! 

It is important that you use the playlists because the workout is designed to the music.

*Disclaimer: not all songs come in clean versions on Spotify so I apologize in advance for any cursing in the playlists. Focus on the beats :) 



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Half Hour Power #1

You can find the playlist here.

Song 1: Go Get It 

You'll start this song on the treadmill. This is about to burn your legs so bare with me. 

Treadmill SPEED on 6.0 INCLINE on 4.0. When the song starts, just jog until the chorus comes around the second time. 

When the second chorus hits, leave the incline the same but take the SPEED down to 3.0 or even 2.5, you want something really slow. You are going to do WALKING LUNGES. Just hold the handles on the front of the treadmill if it makes you more comfortable and go nice and slow really focusing on form and not speed. Do these until the chorus comes around a third time. When the chorus kicks in for the third time, you'll face to one side and do SIDE SHUFFLES on the treadmill. You want to be in a squat position and shuffling. Switch sides when T.I. stops talking. You'll finish the treadmill work when the song ends. 

Song 2: Get Big 

Big booty Judyyy let's hit the squats! Hop off the treadmill and find some free space. Feel free to add weights to increase the intensity on this one. You'll basically be in a squat the whole time so weights aren't totally necessary but if you're feeling extra b@d @$$ then go for it.

You'll start with regular squats. Just straight up and straight down. You'll rock out the squats until the chorus comes back for a second time. When the chorus starts up again, you'll hold a low squat and you'll alternate lifting your heels. So in deep squat, raise one heel (like you're standing on your toe) and then the other. This will burrrrrn. Once the chorus ends, stand up and shake out for a sec. Then you'll do squat kicks. So squat down then stand up kicking your right leg straight out. Same thing on the other side. Keep it up until the next chorus. When the chorus comes for the last time, you'll hold a deep squat. HOLD IT until the chorus ends (it's about 45 seconds) and then you'll have tiny pulses until the end of the song. BOOOOOM. One step closer to being Beyoncé.

Song 3: I Like Tuh

Let's get that heart rate back up! (Don't hate me) For this song, you can go at your own pace and decide what you'd like to do first but during the 3:07 jam, you want to try to do...

15 burpees, 25 Mountain Climbers, 50 jumping jacks, 15 jump squats

If you get through that and the song is still going then start over!

Song 4: Ric Flair Drip 

In this song you've got 36 pushups, 36 tricep dips 

You'll superset them so do 12 pushups then 12 triceps dips and do that 3 times! If you finish before the song, hold a plank until the end ;) 

Song 5: I Look Good

Speaking of plank....*Groans*

Go ahead and stay on the ground cause we have some planks coming up! So this song is a little over 4 minutes long. Watch the time on it because you'll switch positions every 30 seconds.

Start in a full plank. Hold for 30.

Walk it down to a plank on your elbows. Hold for 30.

Take it back up to a full plank and alternate lifting your right leg and then your left. Do this for 30.

Back down to an elbow plank and alternate dropping your hips to one side and then the other. Do this for 30.


Take it to an elbow plank. Hold for 30.

Right side plank. Hold for 30.

Left side plank. Hold for 30.

Rest for the last 11 seconds. I'm sorry I did that to you.

Song 6: Knock Knock

Time for a little more cardio. Love ya girl.

During this song i'll let you decide when and for how long you do each thing...but push yourself and let's get some jumping lunges, jumping squats, high knees, and butt kickers.

Song 7: Donk

This whole song happens on all fours so hit the floor. Your booty is about to burn a little. Thank me later. 

You'll start out with DONKey sorry had to. So on all fours, kick your right left back and up. You want to lift towards the ceiling and squeeze your glutes. You'll do your right side until the second chorus. Then start with your left leg. You'll do the left leg until the third chorus.

When the chorus cranks up a third time, you're going to do what we call the fire hydrant. You will literally look like a dog on a fire hydrant. Lift your left up with a bent knee and lift it as high as you can. The outside of your leg should be facing the ceiling. Hold it up as high as you can and PULSE for about 15 seconds then switch legs. Wowza it hurts. 

To finish up, you'll hold one leg up straight back behind you, don't bend your knee. Tiny pulses straight up and down. Think about just flexing your booty cheek to move your leg. Yes I said that. Go for about 15 seconds then switch sides. You should be right at the end of the song...

Now child's pose and chill.

Song 8: You Be Killin' 'Em


During this song give me...

50 crunches- legs straight up and reach towards your toes

25 bicycles

25 in and outs

25 alternating ankle taps

10 V-ups

Once you finish that...hold at six inches until the song is over. 

Then pat yourself on the back because you killed your workout in only 30 minutes!