Payton Reed

PDA Turns 1

Payton Reed
PDA Turns 1

Why I Started Blogging

  1. Provide affordable fashion resources for women on a budget

  2. Create a community of uplifting, encouraging gals who can trade life secrets and tips

  3. Share a positive message and be transparent on the internet

  4. Weave biblical truths into daily conversations

  5. Combine my professional writing with my passion for style and fashion

What Actually Happened

  1. I have provided you with tons of fun and affordable pieces…and you’ve also shared your favorite pieces with me!? WHAT? Amazing!

  2. I try to encourage you, but more often than not, you encourage me! It is always on a day when I need it most that I receive a DM from someone I don’t know that absolutely makes my heart smile. You people are truly so kind.

  3. My transparency looks like messy mistakes and showing you how truly spastic I really am. Thanks for accepting me, flaws, frizz and all!

  4. My faith has grown by sharing bits and pieces of it with you. Thanks for giving me an audience to share the love of Christ. And thank you for giving it right back to me! Your encouragement means more than you know.

  5. I landed a full-time job as a Copywriter. Who knew that my future employer would read my blog and use it as a point of conversation in my interview? It really brings some truth to the fact that if you follow your passions the money will work itself out.


How We are Celebrating

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my bacon-loving heart for absolutely blowing me away over the past year. Y’all have showed up and supported Public Display of Accessories and I am so stinkin’ lucky to have you guys. We have gained about 1,000 newbies on IG over the past year and I just want to say, WELCOME. I hope you’ll stick around for all the silliness that is to come.

PDA has reached readers in 37 countries and has had over 11,000 unique visitors. I am so proud of the community we have created in a short 12 months and it would not be possible without each one of you. And for that reason, I am treating you guys to my biggest giveaway (and only my second one) EVER! I try not to bombard you with loop giveaways and things like that, so you know if I am giving something away it is because I am truly excited about it and want you to have it. It also means that I either purchased it myself or reached out to a brand for a donation. So these aren’t just freebies, these are things I sought out for YOU and I hope you will enter and share with your friends.

What You’ll Win

  1. Kelly Wynne Risky Biz Wristlet with Chain

  2. BudHa Girl Prayer Bracelets (set of 3)

  3. JCG Apparel soft tees

  4. Large cross choker handmade by me ;)

  5. 3 mini Capri Blue Volcano Candles

  6. Beautycounter Classic Palette

  7. Beautycounter Charcoal Bar

  8. Beautycounter 9-5 Color Intense Lipstick


How to Enter

  1. Follow me

  2. Like this Instagram Post

  3. Comment your favorite accessory of all time and tag 5 friends

  4. Like my last three Instagram posts

How to Get More Entries

  1. Subscribe to my blog at the bottom of this page

  2. Tag more than 5 friends

  3. Share the giveaway image on your IG stories

  4. Send a sweet text to a friend and DM me a screenshot

  5. Share your favorite bible verse on IG stories and tag me


What’s Next?

This year has been AWESOME, but I can’t wait to launch my plans for year 2! I feel like we are all friends at this point so the fun has only just begun.

You guys make this such a joy. Cheers to a bigger, better and more beautiful second year.