Payton Reed

Halloween Ideas

Payton Reed
Halloween Ideas

Post-Grad Halloween

I am at this weird in-between phase when it comes to Halloween plans. The date party and costume party days have come and gone. I don’t have kids of my own to take trick-or-treating. And I live in an apartment, so no trick-or-treaters will be coming to visit. It seems like Halloween feels a lot less like Halloween this year. If you’re like me, you want to do something fall-ish on Halloween that gets you in the spirit, but you aren’t quite sure where your place is. I’ve been thinking pretty hard and this list has something fun for everyone to do on October 31.

Haunted House or Haunted Trail

This is a given. Nothing gets you in the Halloween feels like scaring the crap out of yourself for no good reason. If you go with a group, it is more comical and laid back, but with just two people it can be pretty spooky. Either way, it is super fun. Here are some ideas for haunted attractions in Mississippi and South Carolina.

Go See a Scary Movie

It looks like there are several thriller/spooky/halloween movies in theaters right now.

  1. Halloween

  2. Goosebumps

  3. Hunter Killer

  4. The Nun

  5. A Simple Favor

Movie Marathon at Home

This is personally my favorite option. I think that baking some pumpkin muffins, popping some popcorn and chilling out in flannel pajama pants (bonus points if you have a fireplace) sounds like the move. There will be TONS of movies on TV, not to mention the ones you can find on Netflix. I think I may buy myself a new pair of PJ pants from Old Navy just for the special occasion.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

An early evening pumpkin patch visit sounds like a dream. Not to mention you’ll get some cute pics of you and your pals to up your insta game. I know you were thinking it too! Try checking out local churches that may have fall festivals going on!

Dinner and Drinks

Who needs an excuse for dinner and cocktails!? Gather up your girls and head downtown for a fun dinner. Spend time catching up and then head over to your favorite bar for a drink or two! Chances are, the people-watching will be epic with everyone else in crazy costumes.

Star Gaze

This is more of a date type thing, but still so fun! Hunter and I went star-gazing on one of our first dates and it was the most relaxing and refreshing thing. Load up the back of a truck with blankets, snacks, flashlights and thermoses of hot chocolate or coffee and head out to the woods. I suggest you go to a place you know. I don’t advise wandering around aimlessly in the woods on Halloween…not that I am superstitions or anything…

If you don’t have a truck, no problem! You can lay on the roof of your car, on a dock, or on a blanket on the grass. This is a super fun way to experience the beauty of nature and get to cuddle with someone you love! I suggest making a playlist on Spotify to really help yourself chill out. Here’s one I made that I like!

Picnic Downtown

This fall weather won’t last forever! Go downtown and enjoy a picnic. Find a spot ahead of time so that you have plenty of time to eat and hangout before the sun goes down. You could even grab a pizza and take it wherever your heart desires. If you are in Starkville, the fire station on Russell Street has a cute courtyard. There are also several places on the MSU campus you could stake out! If you are in Nashville, try Centennial Park. And if you are in Greenville, the Furman campus and Falls Park would both be great places to eat a casual dinner outside.

Celebrate Local

Your city may be having fall festivals, concerts, shopping events, anything! Do some research and see what your local options are before you make any decisions! Good luck!

Trader Joe’s Fall Recipes

Pumpkin Cookies

Daylight Savings Sundae

Scone Pinwheels

Stuffing Muffins

Vanilla Maple Butternut Squash

I hope this quick and easy guide gives you some creative ideas for your Halloween plans. It’s tough at here as a twenty-something, so use this fun night as a way to relax and unwind!

Side note: You can find my outfit details on my recent Instagram post or stories!