Payton Reed

Utility Jackets and Fall To-Do List

Payton Reed
Utility Jackets and Fall To-Do List

Utility Jackets

One of the best parts of the weather cooling off is all the fun layering pieces I get to pull out. A favorite every year that never seems to go out of style is a great utility jacket. The classic shape endures year after year. The colors, patterns and pockets may change but the general idea of a utility jacket will never die. And if it does, I might die with it!

Needless to say, if you grab one of these jackets you will find yourself wearing it non-stop! They look bomb over a t-shirt dress with sneakers or booties. I love it with jeans and a thin sweater. You can even pair it with leggings, tennis shoes and a graphic tee depending on the color you get. Really there are TONS of options and your closet deserves this kind of versatility!


Exact Outfit Details

Jacket | Sweater | Boots | Bracelets | Jeans | Earrings

The links above are to the exact pieces I am wearing, but if you want to explore some similar options, I’ve linked some great ones below. Just scroll through and click to shop!


To-Do This Fall

Now that the pumpkins are out and it is officially fall, there are so many fun things I want to do before it gets cold! Here are my top picks for the autumn weather:

  1. Decorate your front porch with pumpkins and buy a pumpkin scented candle…just trust me on this one

  2. Plan a bonfire with friends - bonus points for making s’mores

  3. Attend a high school football game and drink hot chocolate

  4. Take a drive to the mountains when the leaves are changing

  5. Visit a pumpkin patch

  6. Watch Hocus Pocus

  7. Go to a haunted trail or haunted house

  8. Make chili and biscuits for dinner

  9. Take pics of your pup in the fall leaves

  10. Drink at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte (had to)

  11. Host friends on college game day and eat chips and dip until you drop

  12. Contribute to your family Thanksgiving…don’t let mom do all the cooking! Try some of these Pioneer Woman sides if you aren’t sure what to bring!

  13. Text the people you love and tell them how thankful you are for them.

  14. Buy a brand new, cozy, chunky sweater - you deserve it

  15. Rock a beanie and side braid when the temps cool down

  16. Go for a walk or a hike in a scenic area

  17. Go apple picking

  18. Make pumpkin bread

  19. Invest in skincare for cooler weather - scrubs, lotions, and moisturizers are a must

  20. Cozy up on the couch and watch scary movies and eat popcorn


Surely if you complete just a few items on the Fall To-Do List, you’ll be in the spirit! Now, if you need me, I’ll be sitting on the couch with Nala and Hunter, watching Hocus Pocus and eating popcorn while a pumpkin spice candle burns and chili cooks in the crock pot. :-) Happy fall, y’all!