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Gifts for Guys

Payton Reedgifts
Gifts for Guys

Gifts Under $200

New Balance Tennis Shoes

I got these for Hunter for some occassion last year and he wears them a lot! He will normally wear them with cute outfits, not to the gym! I’m sure he would protest that I called his outfits “cute” but whatevs. These are a great price and very versatile since they come in so many colors!

Fossil Watch

I love that this watch is dressy while still being athletic. I prefer a leather band on a guy over a chunky metal one for some reason!


Adidas Ultra Boost

Everyone wants these. It is a no-brainer!


Barbour Jacket (ON SALE)

Ladies - grab this NOW! These jackets are usually $300-$400+, but this one is on sale for $179! I prefer the navy but it comes in a brighter blue as well.


YETI Hopper Flip

This barely makes the list, coming in at $199 but hey, you can use it too! Just make your man carry it ;)


Ray Ban Sunglasses

It can be hard to buy sunglasses for someone else, since they look different on everyone! So you may want to do some preliminary snooping before you make a purchase!


Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

If your dude is into trendy styles, this jacket would be perfect!

KUIU Jacket (on clearance!)

These jackets are lightweight and offer a cool, modern take on camo! Retail for over $200 regularly but these babies are on major sale!

Apple TV

A good gift for someone who loves watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc! Apple TV does it all and makes it super convenient to switch between providers.


Apple Air Pods

I personally want these for the gym!


Turntable and Speakers

My little brother LOVES his turntable. It adds a cool vibe to any bachelor pad plus it gives you an excuse to buy him records for his next few presents, making your job much easier.


Under $100

Levi’s Engineer’s Coat

This coat is more classic than the Sherpa jacket I shared above, so if your guy is more reserved, this is the one for him!

Lululemon Workout Shirt

If your guy hasn’t taken the Lulu leap yet, it is time. It will not hurt his manhood.

Normal Brand Over Shirt

I’ve worked with this brand before and I adore the quality of their pieces!

Fire TV

You know the drill.


Phone and Watch Dock

If he has a phone and a watch this could solve the “babe have you seen my charger?” problem.



It is getting cold out there!


Temperature Controlled Mug

Perfect for students or profesh dudes who are drinking coffee on the go!


Under $50

Adidas Hoodie

Never really goes out of style! Maybe then he will stop resorting to his high school football sweatshirts. He has been out too long for that now.


Christmas Socks

Stuff that stocking, sis!


Henley Shirt (barely over $50!)

Soft, comfy and cute under vests!

Adidas Gym Bag

A good option for the guy that has everything


Mossy Oak Pullover

Camo that is acceptable out of the woods.


Normal Brand Hat

He likes his hat better distressed anyways, so go ahead and make it easier on him with this waxed hat!



Cute enough for your bedroom!


Calvin Klein Boxers

Hunter has blown out 3 pairs of boxers this month doing squats in the gym so these are on our list for sure.


Bluetooth Beanie

This is so cool! Perfect for the deer stand or cold sporting events.


Shower Speaker

Party in the bathroom! Or at the pool. Or at the beach.


Counterman Travel Set

Ladies, he won’t buy skincare himself so it is your job to take care of that!


Good luck shopping for your man! If you can’t find anything you like, just put a bow on your head and remind him that everyday with you is a gift ;)