Payton Reed

2019 Goals and Plans

Payton Reed
2019 Goals and Plans


New year, same me…just a little bit better and possibly more productive.

I hate that everyone feels like a new year has to bring a total transformation. Girl, lemme tell you. You’ve made it quite a long way being yourself. You are excellent just the way you are. So don’t feel bogged down by 1,234,567 resolutions, because you don’t need a total overhaul! You might need some fine-tuning here and there, but something tells me you’re kinda the $h!t already. So lets set some goals together and celebrate each other when we reach them, and encourage each other when we fall a teeny bit short.

I am sharing my goals and plans for 2019 for a few reasons: to hold myself accountable, to have a record to reflect on and to help YOU set goals. So here we go!

Fitness Goals

  • Be able to do pull-ups without bands or the machine

  • Run at least one long-distance (3+ miles) run a week

  • Fuel my body more consistently (aka more veggies and fruit and less sugar and empty carbs)

  • Stretch more frequently and improve my flexibillity

  • Experiment with new, clean recipes and share them with you

  • Stop yo-yo dieting and be more consistent with my food

Personal Goals

  • Work on being neater - hang up clothes when I take them off, keep the bathroom counter straight, stop keeping an entire wardrobe in my car, small things like that ;)

  • Write more letters

  • Clean out my closet and sell/donate the items I don’t wear

  • Spend less time on my phone when I am at home

  • Be more consistent with quiet time

  • Go through the entire bible via the Daily Audio Bible podcast

  • Learn to use my Kitchen Aid mixer

  • Post on my blog 4-5 times a week

    Marriage Goals

  • Spend more time in prayer together

  • Find a favorite “date night” spot in Spartanburg and go once a month

  • Celebrate Hunter’s school accomplishments more

  • Be in the moment and plan less

  • Not get worked up over little things

  • Spend more weekends at home together and less weekends traveling

  • Start a tradition to celebrate our first anniversary

    Professional Goals

  • Get 3 new freelance clients

  • Earn a raise at work

  • Reach 10k followers on Instagram so that I can get the swipe-up function for y’all to shop easily! It’s a long road to 10k, lemme tell ya!

  • Set work hours for myself so that I am not constantly working when I am home

  • Learn to manage my inventory better so that I am able to keep necklaces in stock for you constantly


    So far, 2019 is shaping up to be a good year. My blog is taking me to New York City in February and I am pumped! I am in a wedding in May and I can’t wait to participate in the festivities with my girlfriends. Hunter will finish with the “class part” of medical school and start rotations this summer. Orange Theory opened in Spartanburg and I became a founding members, so lots of fitness classes are in store for this year. My sister’s baby is growing fast so I hope to make several trips to Nashville to visit. Who knows what else 2019 will hold?! All I know is that I am excited for another year that will (hopefully) knock me out of my norm and push me to grow even more. What are you goals? Your resolutions? Your plans? Share them with me! I might even adopt a few of them as my own.

    Happy New Year!