Payton Reed

Graphic Tee Roundup

Payton Reed
Graphic Tee Roundup

If you know me, you know I default to a graphic tee 80% of the time. They’re comfy, easy and can be styled so many different ways. I have a few favorites right now so I thought you may want in on the fun. I love this one from Target styled with a funky bomber. Try to look at this outfit and NOT smile. It’s just FUN! You can browse my fave graphic tees and me entire outfit below.

My outfit:

My exact jacket is here and you can use the code “paytreed15” for 15% off! It is almost sold out, but enter your email address to be put on the contact list for when they restock!

Payton Reed 12 8 18-Payton Reed 12 8 18-0012.jpg

Note to self: Wear different undies with these jeans next time.. #pantylineprobs ha ha good thing we are all friends here! :)

Payton Reed 12 8 18-Payton Reed 12 8 18-0021.jpg

So on to the shoes, I can’t say enough good things about having a comfy pair of loafers! I have several colors already so I decided a statement pair was necessary. Start with a good black, brown or white and then go from there!

Payton Reed 12 8 18-Payton Reed 12 8 18-0014.jpg

I hope this outfit gives you the courage to dress how you FEEL and wear what you LOVE. And if nothing else, makes you smile just the slightest bit.