Payton Reed

Half Hour Power 2

Payton Reed
Half Hour Power 2

We only have 30 minutes, so head to Spotify, grab the playlist and let's get going! This Half Hour Power is a 30 minute booty blaster that you will love...or hate.

The playlist is booty themed too, so enjoy at your own risk :)

Anaconda- Warm Up

50 Jumping Jacks

50 High Knees

50 Booty Kickers

10 Burpees

25 Mountain Climbers

Repeat until the song ends.

Cake- Bridges

Lay down on your back, arms flat by your side and palms facing the floor  (grab a 15+ pound weight for an extra challenge)

Bridge up and hold for 5 seconds then slowly (one vertebrae at a time to avoid strain) lower back to the ground. x10

After the 10th one, hold at the top for 10 seconds and then do 10 tiny pulses upward with your hips. 

Return to starting postilion. Repeat series x3.

When you finish that, you will perform the same motions with your right leg in tabletop position (pilates term for raised with bent knee, shin parallel to the ceiling and toe pointed) and then the left. So you will be doing a bridge that will target each side separately. Repeat series x3.

Ms. New Booty- Squats

Yup. Time to squat. We won't stop squatting for this entire song sooo...pace yourself.

Start with 25 regular air squats

On the 25th, hold at the bottom and do 10 tiny pules. Repeat these two exercises x3

Next up, squat kicks. For this one you'll bend into a squat and when you stand up you will kick one leg out in front of you, the return to the squat. You'll do this alternating sides, 10 on each side. 

When you finish, get 10 booty kicks or jog in place to stretch out. 

Last set for this song, you'll hold a low squat position and alternate raising one heel off the ground and then the other. Stay in a low squat the whole time. It should feel like you are shifting weight from your right side to your left side. This will burrrrrn your quads, so stay low! Do this alternating sides, 10 on each side.

If you finish, do one rep of each exercise and repeat until the song is over.

Dance A$$- Floor Work

All fours! 

Donkey kicks- x10 each side

Fire hydrant- x10 each side

Straight leg raises- x10 each side

10 mountain climbers

Repeat the series until the song ends

Bootylicious- Stair Master or Step Ups

Super simple. Either head to the stair master for this entire song, or grab something in your house (a chair, stairs, a ledge, etc.) and do step ups. If you are at home, do 15 on each side. Then, try to go as low as you can without touching your foot to the floor...ouch! Rock this out alternating sides for the entire song.

Salt Shaker- Lunges

Start by bringing one knee up to your chest (think high knees height) and then lower down into a lunge with the same leg, repeat this on the same side x10 then switch to the other side. Repeat the series 3 times.

Jumping lunges are up next! Do 20 alternating sides and then rest, repeat x3.

repeat the series until the song ends.  

My Humps- Quick cardio

Lets spike that heart rate to finish up with lots of sweat and deep breaths!  

Jump squats x25

Burpees x10  

Jump squats x20

Burpees x8  

Jump squats x15

Burpees x6

Jump squats x10

Burpees x4

Jump squats x8

Burpees x2

For the last song, Fat Bottomed Girls, you’re going to stretch it! Focus on stretching your glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads. We were heavy on legs and booty today so be sure you’re nice and loose before you finish up!  

YOU ARE DONE. Pat yourself on the back, sis.