Payton Reed

What to wear: Bridesmaid Edition

Payton Reed
What to wear: Bridesmaid Edition

My outfit: jumpsuit / shoes / bag 

"Be sure to pack a BLACK outfit!" 

You've gotten that text from a Maid of Honor before. You know that on a lot of Bachelorette trips, it is customary for the bride to wear white and her bridal party wear black (or some color besides white). It is a cute way to put all of the attention on the bride and it really makes the pictures pop. Not to mention it screams "HEY WE ARE A BACHELORETTE PARTY, BUY US DRINKS!", which isn't a bad thing either. So why does it seem like we have no cute black outfits when the time comes? I'm giving you a few frugal suggestions for you to wear on the next Bach Bash! 

For the casual/cool bridesmaid:

Black Denim Overall Jumper Wear black but don't lose your style! This fun jumper would be super cute with a tee underneath and some sassy sneakers for girls who don't want to wear heels!

Pocketed Jumpsuit so versatile!

Scoop Back Skater Dress

For the sassy/dressy bridesmaid: 

Black Mini Dress (for a dressier trip)

Flounce Mini Dress

Cami Overlay Shift Dress (could be dressed up for a wedding)

For the pregnant bridesmaid:

Oversized Denim Shirt (would be so cute with jeans!)

Maternity Trapeze Dress (cute for summer)

Tea Dress

T-Shirt Dress casual, cute, comfortable. What more do you need?

Not black

For brides who want to think outside the box, incorporating other colors can be really fun too. I planned a bachelorette weekend for my best friend Tiffany. She was a former Mississippi State athlete so we had everyone wear maroon and she wore white. It was a fun way to include her love for MSU while still keeping the outfits matchy and fun for pictures.

I have seen a few bachelorette groups wear hot pink while the bride wears white, or even wear black while the bride wears pink. Be creative with it and have fun! Purchasing things like sashes, boas, beads, headbands, stickers or tattoos can add a personalized touch to your outfits. My favorite place to find bacehlorette goodies is Stag and Hen. They have the decorations and accessories categorized by themes, so shopping is a breeze. Amazon actually has an awesome selection too! Is there anything Amazon can't do? LMK!

For even more bachelorette trip ideas head to WeddingWire! They cover allllll the deets and have the most creative suggestions. Stay tuned for a post about my bachelorette trip coming up soon. I can't wait to share!

I hope this mini-roundup helps for your next night out with the girls! Send me a message if you want a bigger black outfit haul in a future post. Meanwhile, I'll be recovering from all the Cafe Du Monde I had on Darby's bach trip in NOLA. RIP to the wedding diet.