Payton Reed

Designers and Dupes: It's All Gucci

Payton Reed
Designers and Dupes: It's All Gucci

You've seen it...the beautiful Gucci belt that your favorite fashion bloggers are wearing this year. The two classic interlocking G's, the pretty leather, the way it drips style. Let's be honest, we may pretend that we don't want it...but we ALL want it. In the spirit of honesty, I absolutely cannot justify spending $400+ on a belt, no matter how gorgeous I think it is. Not at this point in life anyway.

So what's a girl to do?? Dupe. That's what you do! While Gucci has done a great job keeping fake items off the interweb...that doesn't mean all hope is lost. We can create a similar silhouette or wear a classic belt with a statement buckle that still gives the same classy, simple vibes. I've gathered my favorite Gucci-esque items for you to shop below. Keep in mind these are not "fake gucci items", you can go somewhere else for that! These are just items inspired by designer pieces that I love. I wish I could snap my fingers and have a closet filled with the real stuff, but this will have to do!

Gucci Purse Replica $33

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I hope you have fun shopping these dupes and saving dolllasss! 

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