Payton Reed

Dog Days

Payton Reed
Dog Days

Where My Dogs At?

To put into perspective how much I REALLY love my dog, let me tell you a story.

When Hunter and I got married and had Nala sleeping in the bed with us every night, we were unprepared for the furnace-like temperatures that would ensue with 3 warm bodies in a queen size bed.

Instead of being logical and thinking, “My husband is uncomfortable, so my dog can just start sleeping on the bedroom floor” I immediately thought “How will we fit a king size bed into our apartment?”

Kid you not. A week later, a king size mattress was delivered and we have all been cuddling at night ever since. The truth is, I am glad that I didn’t have to pick between cuddling with Hunter or cuddling with Nala because I think he may not have liked my choice ;)

It only seems right to start this post with a montage of Nala photos. She is a 1.5 year old Goldendoodle and she’s the apple of my eye.


The Goods

As you can see, Nala is a large dog. She isn’t as big as some breeds by any means! But, she is around 60 pounds of pure fluff. Shes pretty tall now and can reach things on counter tops and jump over or onto just about anything. It usually isn’t an issue and she is super well-behaved! But, it does takes quite a few items to keep her happy and healthy. So, I took it upon myself to round up our favorites for you to shop! Oddly enough, some of the most frequent questions I get on IG are about her! Lol I am a crazy dog mom, yes I know.

You can find my Amazon list of Nala’s favorite things here.

The Responsibility

I get this question a lot. “I really want a dog. Is it hard to have one at this stage in life?”

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Yes, but it is so doable depending on your job/school situation.

I think I get this question so much because the majority of us are at really busy stages of life where we are working our first job, pursuing education, moving, getting married or traveling a ton. I was in the same boat, and still am! I flew by the seat of my pants and got Nala on a whim, but I wouldn’t suggest being like me. While it worked out perfectly, it wouldn’t have if my parents weren’t helpful enough to keep her for me for FOUR MONTHS when I had to move unexpectedly for a job. That stunk because she was in MS while I was in SC and I actually cried for three hours and wouldn’t talk to Hunter half the way to Greenville because I felt like it was his fault that I had to leave my pup…I mean how rude of him to propose to me!?!?! HAHA, gosh sometimes I hate me.

To keep you from having the same issue…

Ask yourself these questions before getting a dog:

  1. Am I able to be home to let him/her outside every 6-8 hours?

    They need a LOT of attention, especially when they are puppies. If you are used to going to the gym immediately after work, spending the night at a friends after a night out or other things that keep you gone for more than 8ish hours, you’ll have to change your habits!

  2. Can I afford to pay around $200 once or twice a year at the vet?

  3. Can I add $30-ish dollars to my monthly grocery bill for dog food?

  4. Do I have access to a fenced grassy area for him/her to play a few times a week?

  5. Do I have time to take him/her on regular walks or runs for exercise?

    (Different breeds have different requirements)

  6. Am I or my partner allergic to dogs?

  7. Does my apartment or house allow pets?

    If so, can I afford the $500-ish pet fee?

  8. Do I have an idea of where I am going next? Can I bring a pet?

    An example would be like if you’re studying abroad, doing an internship or co-op, etc.

  9. Do I have enough room in my car for a dog crate?

    This is important if you are getting a big dog!

  10. Is my heart ready to burst with love and adoration for a fluffy companion?

The Rewards

Having a large dog is comforting to me. Nala is extremely protective, I didn’t train her this way, she is just very territorial. If I introduce her to people she is sweet and lovable as can be. But if someone approaches me and I don’t introduce her…you better be prepared for the loudest, scariest bark you’ve ever heard. She growls too, very low and very intimidatingly. Her bark alone would scare people away and her teeth…game over.

Nala and I walk together, run together, watch movies together, take road trips together and sleep together. She is my little buddy! I love bringing her everywhere I can because she truly is fun to be around. If you are someone who doesn’t like to be alone, a dog is a smart choice. If you like being active outside, a dog is a fun way to do so!

The benefits of having a dog far outweigh the small inconveniences. Yes, I may have to come home earlier after a night out, but I get to snuggle with a giant fluff when I get there. Its true, sometimes you have to pay $75 to board them for a weekend when you are out of town, but when you get home your pup will be so happy to see you that he/she will pee all over themselves. Yes, you have to bathe and brush them often, but it teaches you how to be responsible and manage your time. You even have to clean up their poop but…well there’s no plus side to this but you get the point. ;)

If you are at a point in life where you are considering getting a dog, I encourage you to ask yourself those 10 questions. The last thing you want to do is get a pup that you can’t care for. But, if the time is right, it will be the best decision you ever made!



Payton and Nala