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Oversized Sweaters

Why is an oversized sweater better than a normal sweater you ask? Basically, it is a socially acceptable way to wear a blanket out of the house. They are cozy and comfortable. I love how they feel like a giant hug all. day. long. What more could you want? Here are some similar options if you want to feel cuddly all day too:

Belted Oversize Boyfriend Cardigan | Oversize Longline Cardigan | Texture Knit Sweater

Or if you want to shop via Amazon, here is a board of my faves:

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You can wear an oversized sweater with so many outfits. If you have a casual, form-fitting dress, an oversized sweater adds an unexpected touch to it. Pair it with some tall boots and you’ve got a cool, collected outfit.

I would recommend staying away from wearing two oversized things at once. If you are wearing a loose, flowy t-shirt dress then don’t reach for the sweater. While it will be comfy, it won’t flatter your shape. Try to pair the oversized sweater with things that show your figure a little more. That way, you don’t look like a blob…speaking from personal experience.

I wore my sweater with a tank top so that I could shed it if it got too hot. I’m in the south, y’all, so it is very likely. The front tuck just adds a little dimension to the outfit. I love a good pair of slip-on loafers because they are so EASY. They don’t require me finding a pair of socks in the morning so that is another huge plus. This pair looks much more expensive than they are! I can’t even form words about how much I love these jeans! They are the most stretchy, wearable distressed jeans I have found yet. Vestique in Greenville always has the best denim! You can find all of these pieces linked at the beginning of this post.

The last accessory is my Louis Vuitton Monogram Menilmontant. I got this bag as a gift 5 years ago and LV has since retired this shape! SAD because I freakin’ adore it. It will be back though, they are constantly retiring styles to create more demand around the rare bags so when they drop them again everyone freaks out and buys them. Ya heard it here first. So until then, standby. You can’t buy this bag new, but here is a used version.

Side note: I love collecting designer pieces. I don’t get them often, but when I do I make sure to get something timeless so that I can enjoy it for years to come. This bag is no exception. 5 years old and it still looks this great! It was worth the price tag 100%! Y’all know I don’t usually share expensive items but I really do believe that it is OKAY to spend more on pieces that will endure the test of time!


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I hope this post helps you find your oversized sweater soulmate. Because everyone deserves a chance at true outfit love.