Payton Reed

Runway to Rack

Payton Reed
Runway to Rack

The Idea

So I had an idea. I was admiring the beautiful gowns, prints, fabrics and patterns of a Versace spring runway show when I realized that it would be fun to try and recreate some of the runway vibes in a wearable, normal-gal kinda way. Not all of us are celebs who can pull off insane, out-there clothes on a daily basis. So in this post, and a few in the future, I’ll be sharing some fun takes on outfits that found their way from the runways to the racks. Let’s be clear…things look a LOT different on a curvy petite figure than they do on a tree-like runway model. So just keep that in mind. LOL.

The Runway

After seeing the 2018 Versace spring collection I was SHOOK over the patterns and materials. The most beautiful, scarf-like pieces with gorgeous draping. I don’t know how else to describe it, so I’ll just show you my favorites.


The Rack

So, obvi I had to find something similar to the last pattern. But I loved the tie-front look of the second outfit. After searching and scouring I FINALLY found an affordable, runway inspired tie-front top that combined the two looks. It was a jaw drop moment because I ADORE this blouse!



This isn’t a shirt I would wear everyday, so I wanted to style it for a “going out” vibe. And by “out” I mean dinner and a drink or two then home for snacks, pajamas and cuddles by 10 pm :-)

I paired it with dark denim, a chunky block heel, layered necklaces, a bandeau and a purse with a chain. I already had all of these pieces in my closet, so purchasing the shirt was a small price to pay for an outfit that looks super different than anything I’ve ever worn.


Where to Wear It

I know, I know. It’s a statement top for sure! But there are lots of places you could rock this runway inspired trend.

  • Concerts

  • Bar Hopping

  • Vacation

  • Date Night

  • Drinks with the Girls

  • Bachelorette Trips

  • Just Because You Freakin’ Want To


Where to Buy It

Here are links to my EXACT pieces:

Blouse | Necklace | Jeans | Purse | Shoes

Here are links to similar blouses:

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Payton-7 (1).jpg

I hope this Runway to Rack post inspires you to try something new with your wardrobe. Who says us streetwalkers can’t wear runway pieces too!? While this certainly isn’t Versace…it is a step in the right direction.