Payton Reed

Think Pink Month

Payton Reed
Think Pink Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

If we were in a room together right now and I asked you to raise your hand if you or a loved one have been effected by breast cancer, I bet every other person would raise their hand.

The fact of the matter is, this nasty, scary disease is rampant. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their life ( and those are just the recorded numbers. I feel certain the stat could be even higher. It is seriously JARRING to think how many women (and men!) fight this battle daily.

It is so easy to feel helpless and small in these situations. But guess what? We aren’t.

There are things we can actively do to promote prevention, healing and strength! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and my mom, who has been in remission for 2 years, and countless other friends who have been impacted by this disease, I am giving you tangible ways to make a difference in October.

Give a Gloss

After my mom was diagnosed, we quickly started paying attention to the things we put on and in our bodies. We started with makeup and personal care items. I found Beautycounter and have never looked back. We provide high-quality, safe alternatives to the personal care items you find in stores. We ban ingredients, we research, we advocate for your safety and we want better beauty for everyone.

Through partnership with Beautycounter, I want to give encouragement to breast cancer survivors and patients during the month of October. The way I plan to do this is with a free lip gloss, a personalized note and a reminder that they don’t fight alone! During the tough times even the smallest thing can mean the world to someone who is struggling. YOU can send a gloss to your loved one who has been impacted by breast cancer while also getting safer items for yourself. I can’t think of a better thing in the world! It is simple:

  1. Use this link to shop my Beautycounter page. Reach out to me and I can help make suggestions for your needs and skin type.

  2. Place an order of over $100. This is a great time to get gifts for the holidays or choose safer products for your makeup bag.

  3. Email me the name and address of the person you’d like the free gloss to go to and I will send it at the end of the month with a personalized note of encouragement from me and you!

Be Informed

You don’t know what you don’t know. You can download the Keep A Breast Check Yourself! app to help you learn how to self-check. It will even send you monthly reminders and teach you what to look for in a self breast exam. This is an awesome way to promote prevention. If caught early, breast cancer is so treatable. My mom found hers herself just by chance. I know that this app can help other people do the same! You can download it here.

Switch to Safer

The products that we use everyday have a huge impact on our health. That can be anything from what we eat, what we spray on our bodies, what we rub on our skin, the birth control we use or what we wash our dishes with. There are countless external factors that effect our bodies. One thing that I can easily switch that I use EVERYDAY is my personal care products. Makeup, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, acne cream, everything. Beautycounter has helped my mom and me do that with ease. I encourage you to take a close look at what is actually in your products. I think you will be shocked to see that things you use for yourself and your children everyday have toxic ingredients in them that, in some cases, are even banned in other countries. The U.S. only bans 11 ingredients, so it is up to us to keep each other safe and informed. You can find a list of harmful ingredients here. I can only vouch 100% for Beautycounter products, but I know there are other safe options out there too. If you see that harmful ingredients are in your favorite products, here are some safe alternative brands to try out:

  1. Beautycounter

  2. Tarte

  3. Bite Beauty

  4. Tula

  5. Dr. Bronner’s


One awesome way to honor a loved one is with a donation. There are tons of research organizations and foundations that support this cause. Here are some options you can look into if you decide to donate:

  1. Susan G. Komen Memorial & Tribute

  2. Memorial and Honor Giving with the American Cancer Society

  3. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation


Being sick is scary. Having a sick parent, friend or family member is really scary. It can be terrifying and defeating. It it all-consuming. But, when you know that your HOPE is not found in the WORLD but in a GOD that has conquered sickness AND the world, you can take heart. You can rest in the fact that there is something so much bigger and better than the struggles we face. There is no better reassurance than that.

Encouragement is free. Support is free. Love is free. And we should throw it around like confetti. Shower your fighter or survivor with it because their mental health and will to live is half the battle. Whether it is an encouraging text, a handwritten note, a call just to say you believe in them or a hug with no words at all: IT MATTERS.

If you want to send some literal words of encouragement, here are some great devotionals and books that would make a super sweet gift.

  1. Jesus Lives

  2. New Morning Mercies

  3. The Reason for God

Get Connected

Community is everything. That is why we are here after all, right? Reach out to someone if you are having a hard time. Ask for advice and help. Talk about your problems. Share your struggles. I have a feeling that you will find comfort in the fact that other people are experiencing it too. If you aren’t sure who, reach out to me! I would love to be a source of light and help for you. Thanks for following along and joining me as we support our loved ones. This, friends, is what life is all about.