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Payton Reed
Everything Bridesmaids

Selecting Bridesmaids

This is one of the first things I thought about when I started planning my wedding. If I have one tip for you here it would be this: it is YOUR day. If you want 50 bridesmaids, have 50 bridesmaids. If you want 3 maids of honor, have 3 maids of honor. If you only want 1 bridesmaid, then lucky her! I say ignore what you think is “too many” or “not enough” or “matches your grooms number” because that is not what is important. What DOES matter is making sure that you are surrounded by people that you love, who love you and your groom. So for me, that meant 14 bridesmaids, a proxy bride and 2 honorary bridesmaids. Yikes. I know. But guess what!? I wouldn’t change it for the world and there’s no way I was getting married without asking each of these special poeple to participate in the big day!

How do I know if she should be in my wedding? Tbh, if you have to ask yourself that question the answer is no. If it isn’t a given, then it probably isn’t the best idea.


Bridesmaids Gifts

Your bridesmaids are honored to be asked, of course, but their duties come with a lot of time, responsibility and cash. It is a MUST to get them something special to remember the day by and to say thank you for their time and efforts to make your wedding day so special. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture and you don’t have to blow the bank, but definitely take your time and get them something you would like to receive. I gave my bridesmaids a pair of earrings, a simple necklace and a swing dress to get ready in. My goal was to give them gifts they could wear again if they wanted to! They wore the earrings and necklaces with their bridesmaid dresses and I love how they photographed! You can see them on my friend Shelby below. Other great gift ideas are:

Robe customized with their initials

Earrings that match your color palette

Journal with a note written on the first page

Button-Down Shirt they can wear getting ready


Bridesmaid Dresses

I was trying to choose a color scheme that would stand the test of time, so I chose black for my bridesmaids dresses. I love black personally and I think it looks great on everyone, so it was a win-win. Although, LOOK at these girls, they would be gorgeous in paper sacks. When choosing their dresses, I wanted something that could work well no matter their cup-size because everyone is built differently. The top of this dress has plenty of coverage without being frumpy and I think they all felt comfy in it! I got their dresses at the same place I purchased my dress, and I suggest doing that! It is really easy to only work with one vendor as far as dresses go. If your bridesmaids are on a tight budget, has some really affordable and pretty bridesmaid dresses. I’ll leave a link for you below!


Bridesmaid Bouquets

I love movement in photographs so I knew I wanted these pretty ribbons on their bouquets. Here’s my Pinterest bouquet inspo! I loved how they flowed when they walked down the aisle! I also knew I wanted the bouquet to be small and comfortable for them to hold. I wanted a tiny touch of color to avoid being completely black and white, so the pink antique roses added a pretty pop.

MKP_PAWEDDAY(1of1)-81 (1).jpg

Hair and Makeup

I think a lot of people have this question but don’t know who to ask or how to say it. Here it is: Am I supposed to pay for my bridesmaids hair and makeup? My answer: If you want to!

I have been in 8 weddings over the past year and a half and almost all of the brides gave us the option to pay for our own hair and makeup if we wanted to. There really is no “rule” here that I am aware of.

When you have a large bridal party, it makes everything more pricey. I do not think there is anything wrong with not paying for your bridesmaids hair and makeup. However, if you are not going to pay for it, it should not be required. I hired a hair stylist to come in and gave my girls the option to get their hair done if they chose to! I think every single one of them did. It was $40 a person and they paid the hair stylist directly. If this is something you’d like to give your girls as a present, by all means do! But, don’t feel obligated!

It was going to take way too long to have a professional do everyone’s makeup, so I only had my makeup artist do me and my matron of honor, Avery. You can offer this service to your group if you want to, but keep in mind if you have a large party that it will take a considerable amount of time to get everyone done before photos! My friend, Sarah Katherine, is great at makeup so she did a lot of girl’s eyes and it worked out perfectly!


The Best Part

Your bridesmaids are your best friends, your girls! They are there to be excited with you, to calm you down and to encourage you. Some of the best memories of my engagement are because of these girls. They were at my showers, parties and trips and it is so special to share this time with your friends! They gave me tips before we got married and they are still there to support Hunter and me at every turn. So remember, the things that seem like a big deal like what shoes they’ll wear or who stands closest to the bride are actually so minuscule in the scheme of their very important role. Don’t forget that!