Payton Reed

Activewear with JCPenney

Payton Reed
Activewear with JCPenney

2019 Fitness Goals

My New Year’s resolutions are super broad. I’ve got everything on my list from “learn to do pull-ups” to “stop using purse as trash can”. While some goals are more lofty than others, continuing a fitness routine is one resolution that I build on every year, not to lose weight or be skinny, but to be healthy, active and feel good. One thing I love to do at the beginning of each year (okay honestly, a lot more than that) is stock up on stylish activewear so that I get excited about working out and being outside. My husband is a student and we are on one income so I want to be able to get as many cute items as I can for prices that are doable for our family. Y’all know that I’m alllll about a good deal! But when it comes to activewear, I need it to be affordable and high-performance enough to survive my sweaty Orange Theory and HIIT workouts. Did I mention I also need it to suck my booty in? This list of demands seems high, but I’ve got news for you! There’s a place that met all my needs AND still had stylish pieces to choose from. Let’s be honest, I’m from Mississippi so I am VIBING with this camo.

JCPenney Activewear

I couldn’t get over how much bang I got for my buck when I decided to swing by JCPenney in the mall. Every piece fit me really well and looked super cute mixed and matched. I loved that I was able to get tennis shoes at the same place I got leggings. It made my shopping process so much easier and more convenient! I will definitely be making this a regular stop! Here’s what I ended up with:

My Finds

Other Faves

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Today’s Workout

I told you that getting new activewear makes me excited to hit the gym! So here’s what I plan on doing today, maybe you want to do it with me! Nothing brings people closer than a mutual soreness after a killer workout ;)

Warm up:

15 minutes cardio of your choice (I prefer to run as far as I can in those 15 minutes)

Circuit 1: (repeat 3 times)

12 squats with dumbbells or barbells

12 jumping lunges (each leg)

12 elevated jumping squats (jump up onto a bench in the center and then back out wide)

12 weighted step-ups (each leg)

Circuit 2: (repeat 3 times)

12 sumo squats

12 weight walking lunges (each leg)

12 dead-lifts

12 narrow squats

Core Circuit: (repeat 2 times)

12 bicycle crunches

12 leg lifts

30 second side plank each side

Cool down:

10 minutes low intensity cardio of your choice (I like to do the stair-stepper or bike at this point)


Don’t forget to take time to stretch when you’re done! I love a good down dog and deep lunges.

Let me know if you try the workout! It is sure to get your heart pumping! Afterwards, I hope you treat yourself to a new pair of leggings (AT LEAST!) to help you get motivated. 2019 is still young so we can kick off the year together by crushing our fitness goals…in style of course! ;)


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