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A Flight Attendant's Travel Tips

Payton Reed
A Flight Attendant's Travel Tips

Travel Tips From Alexis


I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know a lot of things. And when I don’t, I like to bring in someone who does. My friend, Alexis, is a flight attendant and knows just how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and stay sane) while traveling. She has been sweet enough to write up some excellent tips for girls-on-the-go and I am so excited to share them with you! I am flying to Phoenix, AZ today and I am definitely using these tips to help keep up healthy habits during my trip.

Here are Alexis’ best travel tips:

Stay Hydrated

HYDRATE. Bring your own water bottle and fill it in the airport. Did you know you should drink at least one water bottle per hour in the air? It’s easy to get a sugary juice or soda since it’s being offered to you seat-side but don’t stray from your normal habits. 

Maintain the Norm

Stick to your normal eating plan as much as possible. If you don’t regularly eat at Dunkin’ Donuts, why eat it in an expensive airport?

Bring your protein powder and energy bars. I’ve found that citrus fruit holds me over and it gives me a burst of energy. Not to mention it serves as a nice air freshener on the plane- lol. I also bring those apple sauce packets that are in the baby pouches. Why?! Because I never have a dang spoon and neither will your flight crew because they don’t have real meals on the planes anymore. Also, it’s so convenient.

Nuts are good too. Bring what you know you enjoy to eat! If you don’t enjoy it, I promise you’ll end up eating the Popeye’s that is right next to you.

Be Mindful of What Is Allowed

The TSA website is a great tool to reference what food items are a no or go- peanut butter and hummus count as liquids I’m pretty sure. I also try to stick to a vegan/vegetarian diet on the road so I don’t have to worry about keeping my items cold. Oh, and no smelly food on the planes- please, I beg.

Pack Snacks

In the hotel you’ll probably have a microwave. If you’re looking to save money, bring your own oatmeal or rice.

I have those old school ice packs for like headaches... they are awesome. You can fill them up with ice and keep whatever cold! All hotels and planes have ice. 

If your company is covering your food expenses it can be easy to have a “treat yourself” lifestyle and I’m all about that. Self love is good love. But for me, I’m always on the road so my normal Tuesday can be in San Diego and it’s hard to tell yourself it’s nothing special and to opt for the healthier options but it’s important. With that being said, I think it is important for the not-so-frequent traveler, to treat yourself. Just be mindful. And stick to a normal routine as much as possible.

Be Smart When Eating Out

I’ve also been someone who will reward myself with food (New city?! Try it all!! Lonely?? Go be a bad ass and eat alone!! That kind of mind set). I have a dang food Instagram, I’m not trying to hide this, but I started to treat myself in other ways: walks around a new city, museums, a manicure (so new to me) and maybe a massage if I can ever talk myself into one. Now, I usually pick one meal to eat out.

Avoid hotel breakfasts. Go to a nearby cafe and get an omelette for the same price. Not to mention to cereal is a lot less sugary.

Here’s a little peak at Alexis’ food insta insert drool emoji !!


Utilize Hotel Gyms

Where fitness dreams go to die. A treadmill. Some barbells. And an exercise ball. I get some of my workouts from fitness Instagram accounts that use minimal equipment. I also bought exercise bands and they take up no room in your bag!

Rachael’s Good Eats just came out with Rachael’s Good Sweats and she has perfect workouts for travelers because they require minimal equipment!

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Back to hydration: hydrate. I do a hydration face mask at least 3 times a week. I fly a lot. (Also, I’ve been loving my Beautycounter!) 

Pack Wisely

Shoes go in the bottom of your bag.

Packing cubes have helped me stay organized and somehow pack more clothes

If you’re allowed two carry-on items, your purse counts as one of those. Make it count by bringing a large tote. If you prefer to carry a cross body, put it in your bag so that you can maximize your space!

Entertain Yourself

Download a podcast, movie or show for your trip. Have your headphones, book, pillow ready as you are boarding! Nothing is more annoying to me than seeing someone block the aisle during boarding to grab their items. We are on a very strict time schedule and lose a bunch of money for being late and the blame gets put on the flight attendants.

Take Potty Breaks

Use the bathroom in the airport. I promise it’s cleaner and much better than the plane.

Practice Common Courtesy

A smile can go a long way to your flight attendants. 

More Resources

I have a food Instagram where I talk about what I bring on trips. Follow me there to keep up with new ideas and to see what it is like to be a flight attendant.

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Okay so how awesome is Alexis? She has so many great tips for us! I am traveling to Pheonix this weekend and I will definitely be using her ideas to make the most of my trip. I am so appreciative of her sharing this info with the PDA girls, and if you are too, give her a follow! I love keeping up with where she’s going while I am chilling at my desk job. If you like travel posts, leave a comment below! I love hearing feedback from y’all! But now, to AZ!

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