Payton Reed

Must-Have Travel Accessory

Payton Reed
Must-Have Travel Accessory

Styling Straplets

The name of my blog implies that I am your resident accessory queen. I love trying new things, adding unexpected details and finding the best deals on accessories that will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I must say, I’ve found a lot of accessories I love but Straplets might have just topped the list.

These are straps (think of it like a belt for your shoes) that you add to any pump, flat, boot, you name it. They help hold your foot in place and they can totally transform a pair of shoes.

Here is what my shoes looked like before Straplets:


And here is what my shoes look like after Straplets:

Payton Reed 2 1 2019-Payton Reed 2 1 2019-0038.jpg

It is NUTS how quickly these $32 straps changed my shoes. The options for what you can do with these are ENDLESS. If you have a date after work, just throw these in your purse and wear a tank under your blazer. Boom. An easy day-to-night outfit. If you are traveling and only have room for 1-2 pairs of shoes, adding Straplets to your suitcase doubles the options you have and cuts your suitcase clutter in half. If the studs aren’t for you, never fear. They come in Mary Jane and Criss-Cross styles too!

Straplets do more than just spice up a pair of shoes, they add comfort. My shoes are constantly slipping off my heel, making it hard to feel confident in a meeting or an interview. If you throw on a pair of Straplets, your foot will stay put! It’s genius. If you need me, I’ll be ordering them in every style.

Deets: I am wearing the T-Straplet in Size M. I wear a size 7 shoe.

Outfit: Similar Jacket | Jeans | Shoes | Tank

These are definitely making the trip to New York Fashion Week with me! Where will your Straplets go!? The answer is: just about anywhere.


Payton Reed 2 1 2019-Payton Reed 2 1 2019-0032.jpg
Payton Reed 2 1 2019-Payton Reed 2 1 2019-0035.jpg