Payton Reed

Beat the Sunday Scaries

Payton Reed
Beat the Sunday Scaries

Beat the Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries, if you aren’t a millennial, is the term used to describe the unpleasant feeling of fear or dread one gets on a Sunday evening before going back to “the real world” aka work or school on Monday.

In case you still aren’t sure what the Sunday Scaries are, here are some popular memes to put into perspective how dreaded the Sunday Scaries are by millennials.


Oddly enough, I happen to love Sunday afternoons and evenings. I use them as a time to reset and prepare for the week to come. Here are 10 things you can do on Sunday to help you prep for a good week and defeat the Sunday Scaries once and for all.

Grocery Shop

The rest of your week will be so much easier if you get errands like this out of the way on Sunday. As much as you want to nap, fight it. Your weekday self will thank you later.

Prep Meals and Snacks

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Spend 30 minutes portioning out snacks and cooking a meal or two for you to pack during the week. For ideas on easy things to meal prep, read this blog post.

Practice Self Care

A bubble bath, a face mask, reading time, whatever makes you feel rested, do it! Recharge those batteries before you burn them up again on Monday. This is my favorite body scrub for a relaxing bath.

Get Moving

Whether it is a walk around the block, a sweaty gym sesh or yoga in your living room, start your week with some activity. I love to use Sundays as a time for a relaxing workout like a long walk, a fun dance video or a workout class. Here’s a quick workout you can try…pst it comes with a playlist!

Straighten Up

De-cluttering just a touch on Sunday will help you feel much more relaxed and prepared for the week ahead! Even just little things like straightening your bathroom counter, putting clothes in the wash and emptying the sink will make you feel more put together. Hunter and I love to do a “power half-hour” where we set a timer and go HAM on everything in our house. We blare music and just get it done as quickly as possible, while still having a mini twerk session when a good song comes on.

Make Plans

Sit down with a pen and paper and plan out things that must be done during the upcoming week. You know that you have to hit the post office, study for a test, take the dog to the groomer and cook for a family dinner. What days can you assign these tasks to? How can you balance your schedule to make it less stressful and more doable? Write down action-items and you’re much more likely to get them done!

Take it Easy

Pick something chill you like to do and do it every Sunday. We like to pick a neighborhood to drive through and look at houses on the way home from church. It is just a brief 15-20 minutes but it is so nice to do something just “because” and to forget about your schedule.


For me, it is worshiping Jesus at church. We also attend small group on Sundays, which I can’t recommend enough! We love the community of believers we have here in Greenville. Whatever your religious views are, take time to be mindful of them before you start the week. I love a great church sermon and spending time in prayer with Hunter. Maybe you have a spiritual podcast you like, a small group you go to or a place you like to have quiet time, no matter what it is, do it on Sunday and you’ll be so prepared to start the week!

Phone Detox

I am the worst on my phone. Part of that comes with the territory of having a blog, but half the time I am just being mindless and dumb watching YouTube videos or scrolling on Twitter. On Sunday I love to put my phone down around 8:30 and not check it again until the morning. It helps me de-stress and get into the right head space for a productive week.

These are just some things I find helpful when combatting the dreadful Sunday Scaries. Find your Sunday groove and I promise you will feel so rejuvenated and prepared to knock out anything the busy week has to throw at you.

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