Payton Reed

Home Office Reveal

Payton Reed
Home Office Reveal

The Before

It took about 4 months, but I have finally made over the little corner of our apartment that I am calling my home office! I work full-time as a Copywriter at a marketing agency, but I also have my blog that I work on daily, my freelance writing clients that I service and a Beautycounter team that I spend my spare time at home growing and coaching. I desperately needed a place to keep my computer, camera, tripod, Beautycounter stock, tax documents, clothes to shoot, planner, books, blog materials, and everything else in between, so I got to work on my home office idea. There were lots of road blocks like time, space and money but all in all, I would say it worked out really well and I am so THRILLED to have this space to create and hustle.

Now, we don’t have a huge apartment or anything. We have a 2-bedroom, 900-square-foot-ish place. We love it, but just letting you know that space was the first hurdle to jump. I tried to figure out how we could keep our guest bed and still make both of our desks fit in the room but it just wasn’t feasible. So, we loaded up the bed and bed frame, stored it and started from scratch. This guest room was generally just a catch-all for things that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. It was a cluster you-know-what, for lack of a more appropriate term. So before we dive into my cute new space, let’s keep it VERY REAL with some absolutely horrific before pictures of this room. Like woah. If you ever think I have it together, please remember these before pictures and take comfort in the fact that we all have our own #shitshow at times.

The Goals

  1. Storage space for small items

  2. Working space to fit a laptop and a few notebooks

  3. Aesthetically pleasing and organized look

  4. Bright and inviting with fun personality

  5. Budget-friendly under about $300

  6. Compact enough to only take up one wall and corner

The After


I was really pleased with the way this room turned out as a whole. I feel comfortable and excited when I get to work in here! Also, just realized I never removed the tag from the potted plant on the right… blogger fail.

The floral piece on top of the shelves is my wedding bouquet! I got it preserved this way and I am so glad that I did! Send me an email for the contact information of the talented woman who did it for me.


Obviously I am into fashion and style. I wanted to represent that on the book shelves, while also safely storing some of my favorite shoes that take up room in our closet! So you’ll see a few funky pairs of heels and boots just for fun. I love the sign and that I can change it with the seasons. The storage bins are functional but also cute! They had something written on one side so I just flipped them the other way. They were a TJ Maxx find but I linked some similar ones in the swipe-to-shop section.

The vase and bulldog are McCarty and Peter’s Pottery.


The dress form is such a fun addition IMO. I like how my favorite jean jacket looks on display! It also fills an awkward gap in the wall between the desk and the bookshelf, so that is a plus!

This chair is simple and versatile. I think we can keep it at my desk or Hunter’s desk for a long time! I love the mid-century modern shell chairs!


I wanted a functional but pretty way that I could display due dates and important calendar dates. I decided this gold-framed dry erase calendar was the perfect solution. I leaned it on the wall instead of hanging it because I want to be able to lay it down and write on it when I need to!


The rug wasn’t a necessary purchase, but I wanted to add a pop of color. This one was a great price on Amazon so I just went for it. I think it really helps separate my area from the rest of the room, which gives it more of a private office vibe and less of shared space feel.

Budget Buying

We had a lot of purging to do (hello Facebook Marketplace), but once that was done the real task was finding pieces that would fit in the room and fit into our budget. To be transparent, I was trying to create my dream office for under $300. Most desks cost about that much, so you can see the dilemma here. And of course I wanted it to be cute AF, so not just any pieces would do. I put on my bargain-hunting hat and hit the web. I found some of these items (storage bins, floor plant and sparkly highland cow canvas) at TJ Maxx but here are the pieces I ended up going with (or super similar ones) for my home office on a budget. I am super proud of the desk and chair because it took me FOREVER to find these styles at these prices. Similar chairs are $120+ and similar desks are around $250. Scoreeee!

My total investment was around $310! I stayed on budget and created a space that I really love! I consider that a huge WIN!

Re-purposed Pieces

Some of the items you’ll see in the after photos were things I already owned, I just styled them differently to fit in the office space. I will leave a scroll-to-shop section here so that you can get some of my favorite older items (or something close) to spice up your space!


I hope this simple little room re-do gives you an idea for your next business pursuit! Maybe it is taking the leap and investing financially in yourself, reaching out to get information about a new opportunity, giving yourself the space to create, applying for a new job or just trusting your gut! Whatever that looks like for you, good luck with it, sista.