Payton Reed

Styling a Graphic Tee

Payton Reed
Styling a Graphic Tee

Graphic Tees

If you've been around for a minute, you know that graphic tees are one of my FAVORITE things to wear and style. There are endless ways you can design an outfit around a graphic tee, so I thought I would create a quick little styling video to show you how versatile a tee can be. Partly because I want to help you, and partly because I am trying to justify my splurge on a graphic tee to Hunter ;) Things to look for in a good graphic tee: fit and fabric. Make sure that the fit is large enough to tuck, tie and wear over other pieces. The fabric needs to be breathable and flexible so that you can wear it during any season and stretch it to tie up if you need to! I am linking a few of my favorites, as well as the one I am wearing in the video, below! 

Graphic Tees

Exact (from the video)

Another favorite

A great price

Outfit 1: With a Skirt


Combat boots

Black denim jacket

Outfit 2: Over a Dress

Similar Dress

Tennis shoes


Outfit 3: Casual with Jeans

Similar jeans

Hat (Contact Vestique Greenville to order!)



Outfit 4: Business Casual

Crop flare jeans


Similar loafers

Similar earrings

Outfit 5: Dinner Date

Crop flare jeans

Snapshot bag


I hope these outfits give you some inspiration and fuel your graphic tee obsession so that I won’t be alone! Trust me, it is fun on the dark side ;) If you try styling your tees any of these ways, tag me @payt.reed! I would love to see how cute you look!

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