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Self Tanning Drops

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If you’ve been following along then you saw on my stories, but recently I have been using the Isle of Paradise tanning drops and tanning water to get a little glow for spring. There’s a tiny learning curve, but once I got the hang of the application process I have been SO obsessed with the color it gives me. I thought I would save you the painful process of having splotches or over-tanned fingers and give you my step-by-step application process. But before I dive in, here’s the products I have been using. You can shop them below. I use each item (except for the primer and eraser) in “dark” which is the purple bottle. They are almost always sold out at Sephora, so if they are, order straight from the Isle of Paradise website. Just remember that they are located in the UK so it will take longer to come in! Side note: they are available on Amazon in limited quantities, but the prices are almost double, so beware!

Step 1: Prep

Preparing your skin for a tan is just as important as the actual application. I like to take a shower (always plan to apply in the evening before bed) and exfoliate before I apply any products. I will use a scrub (here’s my favorite) to remove any dead skin and then I will shave my legs to ensure a smooth surface for the product. Once I get done with that I will dry off and apply the Isle of Paradise Primer (linked above) all over. I just use my bare hands for this. It is a pH balancing formula that supposedly helps your tan stay on longer. It seems to work for me! I think you could go without this part though if you are trying to minimize the products you purchase.

Step 2: Face Application

I always start with my face.

Put 1-2 pumps of face moisturizer (this is the one I use) and 6-8 drops of the tanning drops in the palm of your hand. Rub palms together to evenly mix the moisturizer and drops. DO NOT USE THE DROPS WITHOUT A MOISTURIZER. They need to be diluted and will be way to dark on their own.

Apply to your entire face and neck evenly. Pay close attention and make sure you apply it all the way up to your hairline, around your eyebrows and lips. These are places I messed up on my first try. It goes on clear so it can be hard to see where you have and haven’t applied.

Be sure you don’t forget your neck! Apply as evenly as possible and then wash your hands thoroughly and immediately.

Step 3: Body Application

I always do this in the shower to avoid making any type of mess. Since it is a spray bottle, it will collect on your floor and leave it a little wet, so the shower is the easiest option.

Get naked ;)

Slip your tanning mitt on one hand

Stand in the shower with your tanning water ready

I do my legs, then stomach, then back then arms.

I do about 8-10 sprays on each leg. Then I use the mitt to rub the water in. I do the mitt up and down and then in circles. Barely brush the mitt over the top of your feet, ankles and knees, because these areas hold more color. Do the same type of application for your entire body. You may need help on your back!

For you hands, I use the excess left on the mitt and just swipe over each hand once. This way they aren’t too dark.

Step 4: Bake

Once you have applied the tan, slip on a long sleeve shirt and long pants. There is no immediate color transfer so you won’t ruin your clothes or sheets. I sleep on the tan (usually for about 6 hours) and then shower when I get up. You do not want to sweat or exercise before your tan has had time to set! Once you shower, you’re good to go!

Step 5: Preserve

Things like salt water and chlorine will make your tan come off faster. You can reapply the drops and water as often as you need to, but here are some tips to help you keep your tan:

  1. Pat dry with a towel after showering instead of rubbing

  2. Use lotion after every shower

  3. Avoid shaving legs

  4. Let the tan set for 6-8 hours before showering

  5. Try to sleep on your back the night you apply to avoid getting any marks on your face

  6. Moisturize your face

  7. Don’t use any facial oils or masks

Here’s the color of the dark drops on me the morning after an application. I think it looks natural and glowy. Big fan! Feel free to message me if you have any application questions! Good luck!

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