Payton Reed

Friday Faves

Payton Reed
Friday Faves

Here it is. The random roundup of things I’m loving this week. That’s all there is to it.

Ted Bundy Movie

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” was super good! A lot of people are saying that it made Ted Bundy seem too innocent for too long BUT I think that since it is from the perspective of the girlfriend, they are truly just trying to show you how cunning and sly he was about leading a double life. I really enjoyed watching this until I fell into a black hole of Ted Bundy-related Googling afterwards. So caution, it will spark your curiosity to learn everything there is to know about this vile serial killer, and then you’ll wish you didn’t know. Yikes. If you have no other reason to watch, Zac Efron and Lily Collins are incredible. Plus, I don’t mind looking at Zac Efron for 2 hours tbh.


Dead to Me

One of my readers recommended that I watch “Dead to Me”, a brand new Netflix series, and WOW I finished Season 1 in 1.5 days. It has similar vibes to the show “You”, if you have seen that one. It has the same kind of premise where a bad person poses as a friend and infiltrates an innocent person’s life and then chaos ensues, you know the usual drama we love. I don’t want to say too much, but give the first 2 episodes a watch and then decide if you want to keep going!


Crime Junkie

Okay I am just now realizing that the first 3 of my favorites for the week have to do with crime and murder. I promise I am okay and you should not be concerned about me lol. I was in the car for 10 hours going to and from Nashville and you guys said that Crime Junkie was a great podcast to pass the time. Y’ALL WERE RIGHT! I love the way the two female narrators tell the stories. If you need a place to start, listen to The Mysterious Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley. It is seriously spooky. Thanks for the rec!


Reverse Burpees

This move is SO MUCH HARDER than it looks and it has had my core screaming the past few days. I even did a variation where you add a full burpee between each reverse burpee and…ouch.


Studded Flip-Flops

I have been allll about this dupe! For the pool or beach, with shorts or jeans, you name it, these affordable flops can do it. They come in a bazillion colors, but I got the blush!


Camo T-Shirt Dress

Okay so I can’t stop wearing a Camo T-Shirt Dress. The one I have is from Forever 21 and is sold out in regular sizes, but here is the plus size version. I wish I would have seen this one from Amazon before I bought mine because it is a better color and price! *adds to cart*


That’s all for this week loves. See you next Friday for another random roundup of my favorite things. I am headed to Starkville today, so don’t be surprised if a cowbell appears in next week’s Friday Faves. Have a great weekend!! LYMI!!

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