Payton Reed

What's In My Bag?

Payton Reed
What's In My Bag?

The Bag

Barrington St. Anne Tote

The better question is…what is NOT in my bag? I have been carrying this tote for almost two years now! Hunter got it for me for Christmas while we were engaged and it had my new initials on it. I cried tbh. It is probably my favorite and most-used gift he has ever given me! It has quickly become a catch-all for anything and everything I might need during the day. So what all is in there? And how do I organize it? Let’s dive in, friend.

st. anne.PNG
st. anne.PNG

The Stuff


Card Holder

Mini Wallet - My pattern is retired but I linked her new patterns!

Lip Conditioner


Energy Fizz Sticks

Hair Clips

Portable Phone Charger

Laptop and Case

Mini Hair Spray


Keys with a Ring

Mattifying Powder

More Lipstick

Planner - I found mine at Marshall’s for $10 but they have them at Target regular price

Pepper Spray


Business Cards - I made mine on Canva

Protein Cookies - I get mine at Allen Chiropractic Center in Starkville, but here is a similar option.


Blue Light Glasses - code payt.reed saves you 10%

What are your must-haves!? My tote is big enough to add a few more goodies. Let me know what you love so I can stock up! TGIF babes!

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