Payton Reed

Friday Faves

Payton Reed
Friday Faves

Friday Faves

It’s Friday and I am sharing my favorite things. You know the drill.

Shell Earrings

I found these $10 stunners on Amazon just in time for Summer beach vacations! They are SO adorable in person, I truly have no words. The quality is pretty dang good for a $10 pair and I can’t wait to rock these on vacay! Puka shells are back…accept it.


Comfy T-Shirt Dress

This $20 dress is available on Prime Wardrobe, meaning you can order it for FREE, try it on and only pay if you decide to keep it. I loved the comfy fit of it and it was a keeper for me. It is tapered nicely at the waist so it fits more flattering than other t-shirt dresses I have. I added a belt and sandals when I wore it and it was just too easy and cute!


Cook Once Eat All Week Cookbook

If you keep up on IG stories then you’ve seen me whippin’ in the kitchen with my new cookbook! I am loving the meal ideas that Cassy Joy has! She makes me look realllll good to my hubs, and for that I thank her! The basic point behind this cookbook is that you spend an hour and a half or so prepping your ingredients on Sunday and then throughout the week the recipes are really quick and easy (like under 20 minutes usually) to put together for fresh, healthy and delicious meals.


JCG Apparel Omadawgs T-Shirt (Hail State!)

If you’re new around here, I went to Mississippi State University (clanga!) and I LOVE the Bulldogs! Our baseball team is headed to Omaha and these t-shirts are making us feel like part of the fun all the way from South Carolina! My pre-order shipped TODAY and I can’t wait to wear it. ! I can always count on JCG to have the softest tees with the best designs. It’s a a yes from me dawg.


New Girl on Netflix

Obviously New Girl is not a new show. But it is my FAVORITE show (Schitt’s Creek is a close second) and I just started re-watching it. I actually cried in the first episode because the characters looked so young and it made me really senti. Something is wrong with me, I know. But if you’ve never experienced the joy of being friends with Jess Day and Nick Miller then it is TIME to get on board.


COOLA Sun Silk Drops

Y’all know that I love my Dew Skin as an everyday sunscreen, but I don’t want to reapply it as often as I should because I don’t want to run out quickly. For that reason, I have been looking for another facial sunscreen that I can fall in love with. COOLA makes an organic daily sunscreen that literally melts into your skin. It is so light that you can wear it under your makeup. It helps block overexposure from the sun and from your electronic devices…who knew that was even a thing!? Bonus points: it is vegan, cruelty-free and certified clean at Sephora! It has a pretty price tag but the drops go far and I think this bottle will last me well through the summer!


Excellence Punta Cana

There have been some crazy things happening in Punta Cana lately (prayers for the families who have lost loved ones), and several of you have DM’ed me asking about our honeymoon resort in Punta Cana. I can’t vouch for other resorts in the area, but we had the BEST time and felt SO safe at The Excellence. All of the staff was super accommodating, welcoming and friendly. Today is our 11 month anniversary, so I thought I would re-share about our experience! You can find all our honeymoon deets in this blog post. I even made a little video to show you some behind-the-scenes shots of the resort! Definitely watch the news and be careful no matter where you are traveling!

I hope this little collection of things I am loving this week gives you some inspo or ideas for things you can try too! I want to know what YOU are into lately! Send me an email or DM so that I can share them next week! Happy Friday honey!

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