Payton Reed

Natural Deodorant Review

Payton Reed
Natural Deodorant Review

The DL on DO

I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of horrible things about deodorant. Is it linked to cancer? Is it not linked to cancer? Tbh, I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that I started thinking about the potentially harmful side effects of deodorant/antiperspirants and everything else I put on my skin after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here’s what else I know: the proximity of your underarms to your breasts and the constant application of deodorant and antiperspirants containing aluminum is why people are a little concerned that these two may be related. Why is aluminum bad? Some scientists think that aluminum is an endocrine disruptor, increases the risk of breast cancer and has links to Alzheimers. Lemme be clear here, I am a writer, not a doctor! There are arguments to both support and refute those claims, but all I know is I’m not here to play games. If there’s a chance, I’ll just opt for the safer option. Some studies have revealed that the majority of breast cancers develop in the upper quadrant of the breast, closest to the armpit…coincidence? Maybe. Do I want to be the one to find out for sure? Not even a little.

When you consider these things, it is pretty undeniable that you should make a switch to an aluminum-free deodorant. You know what else is undeniable? The stench and sweat that comes with switching to a “safer” deodorant, or so I thought! I tried around 6-8 different deodorants before finally settling on one that kept me fresh and fancy all day long. To save you the hardship of wreaking like a man or pitting out of your favorite top, I’ll share my findings with you!

Explore Naturals

My favorite natural deodorant by far is Explore Naturals. I have been using the Sea Sage Performance scent and it totally does the trick. No stench for at least 8 hours and no sweat during my work day. I always reapply before the gym and it works like a charm. With other deodorants the texture seemed to change when I started sweating. They made me sticky or extremely slick. I didn’t have either of those problems with Explore Naturals. Hunter even uses it! If this deodorant can stand up to a 6’1 210 pound dude in the South Carolina heat then it can do just about anything. I’ve even got my mom using it! She suffers from hot flashes due to her cancer-related medication and she said that her deodorant lasts through her worst ones. So basically, it is the $hit!

Several people who I have talked with about the journey (quite literally) of finding a safer deodorant have said that it “breaks out their armpits.” If you have had this issue, it could be because the one you tried had baking soda in it. Explore Naturals has a baking soda-free version that is designed for extra sensitive skin and should eliminate that issue for you!

The main difference I notice between my natural deodorant and my previous deodorant is that the texture when applying it is slightly different. It is a little thicker and tackier but it looks just the same when applied. It goes on clear and smooth, it just takes a hot minute to get used to the thickness.

Honorable mention goes to Schmidt’s and Primally Pure.

Win 3 Tubes

If you want to WIN 3 tubes of Explore Naturals, head on over to my Instagram. I am partnering with them to give one of you 3 summer scents of this safer deodorant. All you need to do is follow @paytonallenreed and @explorenaturals and tag 3 friends on the image that matches the one above! You won’t want to miss out on this, especially in the heat of the summer!

Do you have a favorite natural deodorant? I would love to hear it! If you don’t, it might be time to make the switch to Explore Naturals!

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