Payton Reed

8 Experience Gifts for Guys

Payton Reed
8 Experience Gifts for Guys

Gift Ideas

If your name is Hunter Reed and you are reading this blog post, stop right now before you spoil your birthday surprise. If your name is not Hunter Reed, you may continue.

If you are anything like me, you have gifted your significant other with just about all the basics over the years. Clothes, shoes, watches, technology, you name it, I’ve done it all, probably twice. It can be hard to be creative and think of something they want/need without repeating gifts or getting something just for the heck of it. I decided to think outside the box this year for Hunter’s birthday, and in doing so, I had several ideas for “experiences” to gift him instead of material items. Here’s what I came up with on my quest to a creative birthday present:

  1. Tickets

    This one is an obvious choice for an “experience” gift, but it so too good not to mention! Concerts, games and shows are fun for both of you and lend themselves to being a great date night. Surprise him with tickets to a show or tournament he’s been wanting to see. You could even make it into a weekend trip somewhere fun with friends or just the two of you.

  2. Trips

    If you’ve got the time and the funds, a quick weekend getaway is such a nice gift! You could go relax at a spa, go hiking in the mountains, visit a big city you’ve never been to or take a trip home to spend time with family. Surprising your bae with plane tickets or a road trip and a full itinerary is fun and exciting!

  3. Classes

    So many things could fall into this category. Does your guy like to cook? Book a cooking class for the two of you. Does he play golf? Schedule him a private lesson with a country club pro. Want to learn to forge an ax? There is literally a class for that, and for just about anything!

  4. Tours

    Is he really into beer? Plan a day touring a large brewery in your area. Into cars? Take a trip to the BMW Factory and see how they’re made! Love drinking wine? Head to a winery and spend the day sipping and learning.

  5. Outdoor Activities

    This list could go on and on for DAYS. Sky diving, rock climbing, parasailing, white water rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, anything that will get his blood pumping and allow the two of you to spend time outside being adventurous!

  6. Gift Cards

    Stick with me here. I know a gift card sounds boring, but what if the gift card is for something really fun? Like Topgolf with the guys? Or maybe he works hard and needs a massage? Has he been wanting a new suit for his big job? Surprise him with a gift card to get one custom fit! Or, maybe he works outside and needs new, sturdy boots. Whatever he does, you can come up with a really thoughtful and personal gift card that will mean a lot to him.

  7. Rentals

    Borrow a boat for the day and go out on the lake with friends. Rent jet skis and get on the river. Arrange to drive his favorite sports car and go riding back roads. Book an AirBNB downtown and have a staycation in your own city! There are so many options when it comes to rentals that you can surprise your guy with just about anything!

  8. Subscriptions

    Television and sports streaming services, apps, games and subscription boxes are all things that your guy might not splurge on for himself. Give him a gift that keeps on giving with a year-long subscription to a new service!

    My Plans

Now that you know where my mind wandered when trying to decide what to do for Hunter’s birthday, I’ll let you in on the secret! He just finished reading an Elon Musk biography and now he is OBSESSED with Tesla. He has mentioned wanting to go to Atlanta or Charlotte and test drive one at the Tesla Dealerships. Instead of making the trip to either of those cities, I decided to rent one in Greenville! I think he is going to flip. It is brand new and has the cool butterfly style doors and all that jazz. We are going to go for a ride with a view in the mountains, stop for a picnic and then finish the night by picking up our friends in our rental ride and going to watch football and eat dinner at Ink N Ivy! I think this will be a fun and unexpected gift for Hunter and I can’t wait to report back and let you guys know how it goes!

I hope these ideas give you a new way to treat your significant other and make memories in the process!

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