Payton Reed

Living Room Refresh

Payton Reed
Living Room Refresh

Before and After


Reason for Refreshing

Now that you have seen the final results, let’s back up a bit. First of all, I am feeling like a new woman with a happy and homey updated living space. Why the reason for the change? We haven’t purchased anything for our apartment since we have been married, which is a little over a year. We have lots of sweet and sentimental hand-me-downs, but we wanted to make the space our own and make it more cohesive. I plan to make a few updates throughout the kitchen as well, but the den was my first project! I think when you scroll down you’ll agree that it needed some TLC to feel fresh and cozy.

Budget and Strategy

Yes, there was strategy involved in this. I know it sounds dramatic but I had to get a few pieces at a time over a few months to make it all work budget-wise. Which, tbh, had our den looking very mismatched and random for about a year. So here’s the DL on how I slowly upgraded.

A new couch was the first thing I wanted to tackle. I have been watching my favorite home websites and scouring local stores waiting for the perfect deal. It took me MUCH longer than I would have liked, but I didn’t want to jump the gun. Since finding the couch was taking time, I started planning around the couch I WANTED to have, but hadn’t found yet.

I started with the lamps from Home Goods. I got simple ones that could match other rooms of our place in case we needed to move them eventually. My mom got me the gray and cream rug and I love it! The coffee table and end tables came in a set from Rick’s Furniture in Starkville right before I moved to Greenville. I wasn’t sure what our apartment would look like, and these 3 pieces seemed like they could match anything. Fast forward a year, and I finally ended up finding my gray sectional couch on Facebook Marketplace and it was a STEAL! I am so happy with it. It is exactly the style I was searching for, for literally a quarter of the price.

Now that I had all the big pieces, I needed to get the accessories that would tie it all together the way I had been envisioning. I wanted to pull blue tones in, so I started looking for gray and blue wall art. When I saw this piece at Bed, Bath and Beyond I instantly thought it was perfect! It brings a modern, but still homey, vibe to the room that I wasn’t sure how to do otherwise. I fell in love with the navy pops and decided that would be the perfect accent color. I added some throw pillows to the mix and we were in bizzz!

I am so happy with the way that it turned out. It feels relaxed but refined and I had a blast finding things to make a slow and steady update. It is easy to go into a store and buy the first things you see and like, what is really hard (and takes a little skill, honestly!) is finding deals and savings along the way.

Tips for Refreshing on a Budget

  1. Don’t rush! Shop over the span of a few months, picking up items here and there to avoid one giant month of expenses.

  2. Don’t be afraid to thrift. Shop Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp! A lot of times people are moving and just need to get rid of things, even if they are brand new! It never hurts to check. Also check out furniture warehouses in your area, they will haggle.

  3. Look on designer websites like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, and then try to recreate similar looks for less. It can be a fun way to challenge yourself and you’ll feel so accomplished when you do!

  4. My top store recs: Home Goods, Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, Target

  5. Stalk the sales. There is a great one going on at Target right now. See this post for more.

  6. Do a smaller refresh. Grab new throw pillows, a vase, a rug, and rearrange your furniture. You can make the space feel new without buying big ticket items.

  7. Get ideas on Pinterest. Here is my home inspiration board.


While I can’t link all of my exact pieces because they aren’t available online, I’ve done my best to round up the ones that are available and link similar options for the ones that aren’t. I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration! If you need me, i’ll be in my new Netflix-watching sanctuary.

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