Payton Reed

The Best Activewear Box

Payton Reed
The Best Activewear Box


I am always hesitant to subscribe to a monthly delivery. I worry that the quality may not be on par with what I am paying or that I will get things in the box that I wouldn’t pick out myself. Well, let me tell you, YogaClub has made me a subscription box believer! Let me tell you why.


The Box

I used to work at a luxury activewear boutique in college, so I know a good athleisure brand when I see it, so I was PUMPED to see that my box was filled with some of my FAVORITE designers! I scored…

  1. A Varley cut-out tee

  2. Onzie leggings

  3. A cross-back sports bra

The best part was that each piece was hand-picked to make a perfectly coordinated outfit. It wasn’t random leftovers or whatever was available in my size, it was a curated outfit based on my style quiz. The style quiz is a GAME CHANGER. The value of my box was well over what the subscription price is. Typically, what is in your box is 50% off of retail, so you’re saving major $$ by subscribing instead of purchasing the pieces separately in a retail store. The box itself is $79 and you can choose to have it delivered monthly, bimonthly or quarterly! I was literally mind blown by the cute yoga outfit I received. Keep reading to see how you can score a discount on the box.

The Style Quiz

So, I am kinda picky. I don’t like overly girly, super loud pieces. The fact that I really like to pick out my own pieces made me wonder if the subscription box was something I would enjoy or not. When I realized that you get to take a quiz where you select your favorite colors, styles, fit and more, I was able to relax a little bit! My stylist was spot on and I was pumped when I saw the outfit she created and the brand names that were included in my box!

How to Get Started

The best place to start is with the quiz. Once you take it, your box will be on the way and soon you’ll have the perfect new outfit for the gym or grocery store. You can use my code PAYTON20 to get $20 off for LIFE. Yes, you read that right, LIFE. That makes your box $59, which is what you’d likely spend on just a pair of leggings otherwise. Y’all know I am HERE for a good deal!

Let me know if you try it! I would love to see what your stylist comes up with!

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