Payton Reed

Curly Hair Routine

Payton Reed
Curly Hair Routine

Curly Hair Tutorial Video

I FINALLY filmed a curly hair tutorial video to show you exactly how I style my hair, what products I use and to answer your frequently asked questions. You can find the video here.


Get the Goods

I am linking everything I used in the video + my most-loved products just for YOU. The best part? You can get them ALL on Amazon. The convenience, I mean, you can't beat it! The full list is here

Side note: Do NOT underestimate the power of the drain hair catcher. I once broke an entire bathtub by clogging the drain so severely that the pipes had to be replaced. :-) Did I mention it wasn't MY drain!? It was my brother and sister-in-laws. Oh the joys of curly hair. So, snag the hair catcher with Amazon Prime and it can be to you before your next wash day. Here's a sneak peak of the items I'm sharing, but get the entire list here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 7.24.58 PM.png

Other Posts

My hair routine is constantly changing. I try new products just about every other month, so the process has evolved over time. I wrote a post earlier this year about a slightly different way to style curly hair, and you can read that post here. I suggest checking it out, there are some pretty funny #curlyhairproblem memes that get me every. single. time. Sometimes the jokes are just too easy, so we have to learn to roll with it! ;)

I wish you a lifetime full of good hair days. If you try any of these tips, let me know or snap a pic and send it my way! Remember, you are not defined by your frizz. ;)